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Pencil- Dreams Interpretation

Pencil dreams 01Pencil dream is considered to be a good omen. It has various meanings related to our real life situations. Some of these dreams are related to relationships.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Consider the quality of a pencil. One of the main Pencil dreams 03purposes of pencil is to bring your thoughts into writing. Thus, how you write and what you write in your dream depicts your thought process. There are other factors related to pencil dreams as well. For instance, to dream about sharpening a pencil signifies your flexible nature. It means you do not loose hopes irrespective of the challenges.
Dreaming about a pencil is also a sign of life’s experiences and knowledge. It means you will soon write a journal about your life’s journey. Pencils are also related to personal development. To dream about pencils indicate new opportunities and new experiences in a role.
Find out the little things that you saw in your dream. For instance;
– Were you writing with the pencil
– Were you coloring with the pencil crayons
– Were you erasing your writings of pencil
– Were you drawing with a pencil
– Were you buying pencils
All the above scenarios will take you closer to your dream interpretation.Pencil dreams 02

Most Common Pencil Dreams :
• Hold a Pencil: To dream about holding a pencil in your hand signifies a new relationship or a new journey of life. On the other end, it also means that you will start implementing your plan of actions.
• Coloring with Pencil Crayons: A dream in which you were coloring with pencil crayons relates your life’s memories. It is time to recollect those memories and enjoy the colors you have filled in your past. This dream also symbolizes your creative skills. You may come up with a creative idea at work that will bring colorful results to you. • Writing with Pencil: A dream in which you were writing with a pencil signifies that you are a responsible person who believes in keeping everything in proper place. The pencil also symbolizes your future and fortune. Thus, writing with a pencil in dream means that what you will write for you today will bring you a good fortune tomorrow.

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