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Penguin – Dreams Interpretation

penguin dreams 02Penguins are harmless and non-threatening creatures. The penguin dreams reflect a person’s honesty, positive attitude and cool headed nature.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Penguin dreams may denote two different things. The first is how you relate yourself as a person by nature and second how the others look at you. To dream of a penguin means acceptance by others, control on others and balancing the life’s situations.
If you see a penguin in your dream it means you are expected to remain calm and cool in an upcoming situation. This situation might be challenging for you to handle and so, the dream is a hint to balance your emotions.
It is very important that you check the behavior of a penguin in your dream. This will help you to reach a level closer to dream analysis. One of the good things to dream about a penguin is that they do not give any stress. In fact, they are the signs to remain happy and stress free. To dream about a penguin approaching you indicates that you will meet someone who has a fun loving character and is very joyful to deal with.penguin dreams 03

Most Common Penguin Dreams :
• Dancing Penguin: To dream of a dancing penguin indicates that you will have a celebration time ahead. Enjoy this period as it is the season of enjoyment and plenty of good news in store. Perhaps, you may even learn some penguin steps.
• Angry Penguin: To dream of an angry penguin means, that you will face a little depression in the coming weeks. It also means that you are likely to lose your temper on someone. Keep yourself calm and do not let the situations take control over you. Alternatively, try to avoid getting into an argument with anyone.
• To Chase a Penguin: Dreaming about chasing a penguin is a desire for happiness. Try to do things that make you happy. You will find internal peace. Penguins are cool headed creatures and thus chasing those means that you wish to change your personality from a hot blooded person to a cool headed chap.

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