Penguins Teaches Us A lot About Love. Here are 13 Lessons that we can learn from them

13. Take Care for Each Others.Pay-penguins_0712

Like humans, penguins live in towns and villages called rookeries because it’s easier to protect each other from predators and from the cold weather in groups. And what’s really nice is most have a short commute to work finding food!

12. Having Fun With Their friends and families.6985588-cute-3d-penguins

Penguins, like humans, love to gather with friends and family to have fun and play. Hanging around with their family gives them particular joy.

11. Communication from

Penguins talk and chatter a lot to each other, just like humans! Communication is at the heart of their relationships with each other, just as it is with us.

10. Responsible Adult.penguin-experiment-robotic-birds-1

As they grow older, penguins learn to spread their wings, and even though they will never fly, they grow up for the most part to be responsible and productive adults. Almost all become parents at some point in their life. Sounds like a familiar human story to us.

9. Building Support Network.397045819_e1539cc610

Sometimes penguins take trips together with their extended family. Like us, penguins know that friends and family are an integral part of their support network.

8. Smile often1991640

Penguins are certainly a happy lot! They rarely get discouraged and almost never give up on their goals. We humans are like that as well.

7. Showing Love to your Childrens.Pay-penguins_0712

Like us, penguins kiss their babies a lot! Their love and affection for their young is always in evidence

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