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Police- Dreams Interpretation

police dreams 03Police is the symbol of law, justice, security and authority. Dreams related to police are a little trickier to understand as they may either blame you for an incident or make you a victim.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Police Dreams are signs of danger, warning and alert. These dreams may relate your inner fear and conscious state of mind.police dreams 04 Do not neglect the dream in which you see a police. It could be a sign of danger from someone or security issues related to your property.
There are different scenarios which will help you to get closer to your dreams. For instance, to dial a police number in dream means that you are scared of something or someone in life and feel the need of security.
Such dreams also help to realize your own moral values. Dreaming about police may signify the fears of a crime committed by you in the past. Thus, such dreams may chase you so that you find the right path or admit your mistakes. Police dreams also related to emotional disturbances. For instance, dreaming about calling the police means that you need help to settle down a family matter, as you are unable to do it alone.police dreams 02

Most Common Police Dreams:
• To Get Arrested: A dream in which you get arrested is a sign of guilt. It means that an error that you have committed in the past indicates that you perform your next action carefully and avoid doing the repeated mistakes.
• To Get Caught by Police: This is one of the most common dreams. In simple terms, these are your own fears that are haunting you. It also means that you may have broken a law or your own moral values, and these dreams are a realization of your past mistakes. Probably, the dream is warning you from committing another error.
• To Dream about Yourself as a Police Officer: This dream indicates your own principals and moral values of life. It also means that you may be asked to sort out a serious matter in your family, as people look up to you as an authoritative figure in the house.

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