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Pomegranate- Dreams Interpretation

pomegranate Dreams 03Pomegranate fruit is the symbol of good health. It depicts various meanings related to beauty, money and lifestyle.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Pomegranate is considered to be one of the expensive fruits and those who can afford, enjoy this fruit lavishly. This is one of the reasons why dreaming about pomegranate is considered to be a sign of wealth. In simple terms, pomegranate dreams are termed as wealthy dreams.
This sweet and dark red fruit has many health benefits. Thus, dreams related to pomegranates may either give you signs of poor health or give you news of good health. The scenario can be confirmed, based on your current health situation.pomegranate Dreams 02
There are some negative meanings as well, related to pomegranates. For instance, a broken pomegranate represents chances of divorce or separation. A healthy person eating a pomegranate in his dream may indicate a sign of ill health.
Apart from wealth and health, pomegranate dreams are also related to attraction, desire and sex. Eating pomegranate seeds indicate that you will soon make out a one night stand with someone. This relation will not hold much of emotions; however, it will be strongly based on lust. Eating pomegranate seeds also signifies that something which was happening in your life will soon come to an end.pomegranate Dreams 04

Most Common Pomegranate Dreams:
• To Plant a Pomegranate Tree: It’s a good omen. It means that your past investments will bring you amazing financial gains. Planting trees are anyway a good sign of wealth and thus, the majority of the planting activities in dreams are related to positive signs.
• To See a Rotten Pomegranate: To dream about seeing a rotten pomegranate indicates disappointment in life. To an extent, this disappointment may also be related to your own insecurity or destiny. Plan your moves timely, so that you don’t have to see any rotten things in your dreams.
• To Pick a Fresh and Juicy Pomegranate: This is a very good sign for the love birds. It indicates new exchange of messages and heart to heart conversations. A fresh pomegranate in dream also means that you will hear good news about the birth of a child in your family.

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