Best Cream for Hyperpigmentation and Uneven Skin Tone in India

Say bye bye to pigmentation with these best pigmentation cream in India

Hello Everyone! Today we are going to address a major issue of skincare and that is Hyperpigmentation. Nowadays the majority of women are dealing with this skin problem. In today’s blog, we will tell you the best cream for hyperpigmentation, to reduce the uneven skin tone and improve the texture of your skin. But first, let us understand what is Hyperpigmentation and causes of it.

What is Hyperpigmentation and Causes of it?

Hyperpigmentation is the dark spots on all your skin, especially on your face. It makes the skin tone uneven and affects the texture of your skin. It happens to someone who has excess production of melanin in the body. This is the main cause of this major skin problem. Also, if you are spending a lot of time outside under the Sun then also there are more chances that your skin will be affected by hyperpigmentation.

Here is the list of the Best Cream for Hyperpigmentation:

1. Bioderma White Objective Serum

best pigmentation cream in India

This is a face serum that will improve the texture of your skin. You must include face serums in your skincare routine after cleansing. It is one of the best pigmentation cream available in India. It will actually improve your hyperpigmentation dark spots texture. The main ingredients of this beautiful formula are Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C that ensures the elimination of heavily pigmented cells, reduces the intensity of the brown spots and make your face glow. So try this out if you have skin pigmentation problem.

2. VLCC De-Pigmentation Night Cream with Serum

best pigmentation cream in India

VLCC is now a big brand in the skincare product market. And this De-pigmentation cream from VLCC is really a great product for treating hyperpigmentation. The formula contains glycolic acid and Sandalwood oil. Both the ingredients are amazing that really help to remove the dead skin and refine the texture of your skin as well as improve the hyperpigmentation. It will hydrate your skin as it also contains Aloe Vera extracts and makes your skin soft and supple. The serum is also great for brightening the skin tone.

3. O3+ Whitening Face Emulsion Pigmentation Removal Cream

best pigmentation cream in India

This is a great over-the-counter face brightening serum to against hyperpigmentation. The power ingredients used in this emulsion are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that has been scientifically proven to reduce redness and discoloration in the skin. The powerful formula prevents skin darkening and reduces blemishes and dark spots from your skin. The texture of the cream is very smooth that will get absorbed into the skin quickly. For better result use this cream at night.

4. Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass Anti Pigmentation Massage Cream

best pigmentation cream in India

Enriched with extracts of Lemongrass oil, Manjishta and Almond oils that help in lightening skin blemishes and in depigmentation. It hydrates and even out the skin complexion without presence of any harsh chemicals. You would love the tool if you are a fan of herbal products. It contains no synthetic fragrances or artificial preservatives. Highly recommended for those with dry & normal skin type to lighten and fade blemishes.

5. WOW Skin Science Vitamin C Serum – Skin Clearing Serum

best pigmentation cream in India

Simple and straightforward, this gets the job done using a potent form of vitamin C that helps to reduce the dark spots from your face and fight the signs of aging brought on by free radicals, brighten and nourish your skin deeply. It also has witch hazel extract that helps to control excess sebum production and protect your skin from UV sunrays, making it a one-stop-shop for all of your skincare needs. Use it in the morning before sunscreen, or at night to get the best results.

6. Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream

best pigmentation cream in India

One of the best-sellers from this cult favorite brand, the formula is packed with powerful ingredients like daisy flower extract and mulberry extract that calm and soothe your skin, reducing the appearance of blemishes, dark spots, discoloration, hyperpigmentation and gently exfoliate the dead cells that impede your glow Vitamin C with Glycerin also promote a more even complexion. And the best part of this face cream is that it is free from any harmful chemicals. So, it is surely a best product to treat hyperpigmentation.

7. Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening Serum

best pigmentation cream in India

This fairness serum is clinically proven to improve dark spots and pigmentation in just 3 weeks. Thankfully it does with this serum that is enriched with retinol and lily, which means it evens skin tone while starving off any dehydration simultaneously. Neutrogena Healthy White Complex deactivates the production of melanin to give skin a radiant and healthy glow. If you’re concerned about the issue of your hyperpigmented skin, this serum’s formula serves as an excellent alternative.


So, here I have discussed the best pigmentation cream that are available in India. Let me tell you one thing that you will not get the result overnight. But you have to give your skin some time to heal. I do want to make it very clear that I’m not saying that you guys need more and more products to ensure that you have a really great glowing and smooth skin but what I’m saying is these are best cream for hyperpigmentation in India that will help you to give smooth and clear and hyperpigmentation free skin. If you are looking for a product that will just help overall brighten and improve the texture of then pick one of them from the above list.

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