How to Extract all Attachments from PST files?

Summary: In this article, we are going to discuss step-by-step procedure on “How to extract attachments from PST mailboxes easily”? Here, we will discuss how to export attachments from PST File. And because there is no manual method to extract all attachments from PST, you have to take help of the best PST attachment extractor. 

Best Way to Extract all Attachments from PST files 

We all are aware that Microsoft Outlook is a desktop-based email client that provides better functionality to its users. But if you have to extract PST attachments in a folder from the entire mailbox then you can use a top-notch solution ie. Yota PST Attachment Extractor. Using this tool, you will get 100% accurate results every time you extract attachments from PST file. It supports all the Outlook versions including 20219, 2016, and other versions. So, if you are looking to extract thousands of PST attachments and save them in your PC, then continue reading this blog, we have discussed the easy approach to save attachments from Outlook folders. Download the PST File Attachment Extractor by clicking the below button.

Steps to Extract all Attachments from PST files are as follows: 

Step 1. Launch and Run Outlook Attachment Extractor on your PC. 

extract all pst attachments

Step 2. Add PST files using Add Files or Add Folder option. 

extract pst attachments

Step 3. Now, set the destination path using the Browse button and choose the option to maintain Folder Structure, Folder Hierarchy, or No Folder Hierarchy. 

extract all pst attachments

Step 4. Finally, hit the Export button to save the PST attachment files in your system. 

extract outlook pst attachments

This is how you can easily extract all attachments from PST file using this PST File Attachment Extractor.

Some Unique Features of PST Attachment Extractor 

This Outlook Attachment Extractor is one of the best tools to extract all attachments from PST available in the market. It is a wonderful tool that always impressed the users with its optimal solution. You don’t have to fetch PST attachments one by one like in manual method. Just use Add Folder option to load bulk PST files and extract multiple attachments from PST in a single process. This software is quite intuitive with simple interface that can be used by non-technical person without having prior knowledge or skills. Let’s see what beneficial features you will get to make the taskeasier. 

Safe and User friendly: This PST Attachment Extractor is designed with modern technology that will keep your data safe and secure. Anyone can extract attachments from PST with its simple and self-descriptive wizard. 

Unlimited Files Extraction: Using this Outlook Attachment Extractor tool, you can extract unlimited PST attachment file in a single process. You don’t have to waste your time in repeating the process for single file. 

Maintains Folder Structure: This comprehensive tool provides an option to maintain the folder structure and save all attachments from PST in respective email folders. If you want to save all the files in single folder, you can choose No Folder Hierarchy option. 

Choose Destination Folder: PST Attachment Extraction Tool provides another great option to give the flexibility to save the extracted PST attachment files at user-specified location. This makes the management of files easier. 

Retains Data Integrity: The tool used to extract all attachments from PST files will maintain the integrity of data like always. The user will get the exact files without tampering the quality of data. So, don’t worry about the originality of the files. 

Free Demo: PST Attachment extractor comes with a demo version using which you can evaluate the working of the software. You can extract few attachment files from PST folder free of cost. And if the tool seems worth to buy, you can any time purchase the licensed version. 

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PST attachment extraction is needed when you want to extract all attachments from PST files and protect them from any data loss. If you opt for the manual method then let me tell you that it quite time-consuming and very complex. But the use of a professional tool gives you better results in a few clicks and it also allows to migrate unlimited files without any restrictions. The best option is Yota PST Attachment Extractor to avoid efforts and long configurations. This software is the ultimate solution that can extract all attachments from PST files without wasting your time.   

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