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Rabbit – Dreams Interpretation

rabbit dreams 04Rabbits are the cutest creatures that bring a smile on every person’s face. They represent luck, strength and success. There are many things associated with rabbit dreams.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Three major things that are strongly influenced by rabbits are; success, luck and strength. Rabbits are treated as good omen and thus, the majority of the rabbit dreams indicate good news. To see rabbit in dreams indicate that you will attain success in one of the long awaitedrabbit dreams 03 projects.
One of the special qualities of a rabbit is its energy. Treat these dreams as spiritual guidance to raise your energy levels. Rabbit dreams are also signs of things that you like the most. To dream about a rabbit running to you, means you are likely to be surprised by someone whom you like a lot.
Rabbit dreams are also associated with new beginnings of life. It means you may meet a lot of new people and work on new projects or goals of life. A dream in which you are taming a rabbit indicates the arrival of a child in your life. Understand the different qualities of a rabbit and relate them to your lifestyle for a closer dream analysis.rabbit dreams 01

Most Common Rabbit Dreams:
• Rabbit Bite: This dream is related with male fertility and warm feelings in sex. If you dreamt of being bitten by a white rabbit, it indicates pure love and sexual satisfaction. To see a black rabbit biting in dream denotes a temporary stress period in love life. However, this will go away very soon.
• Rabbit Hopping: To dream about rabbits hopping in the fields, indicate your children’s happiness. It means that your kids are very happy with you and they love you very much. These dreams also indicate a cordial relationship with friends.
• Rabbit Eating Carrots: This dream assures success and health. You may enjoy what you are doing currently as there are good times waiting for you ahead. Feel the energy to continue with the same efforts and enjoy a happy healthy life. Rabbits eating carrots may also mean that you must focus on your health and eat good food.

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