Rajinikanth’s ‘Kabali’ Broke These 10 Records On Its Very First Day!

There is Bollywood and then there is RAJINIKANTH. Rajinikanth doesn’t work in movies, movies work because of Rajinikanth. He is one man on this planet who has been considered to be as good as a GOD by his insane fans. Rajini’s fans have showered so much love upon him, that no matter what he does, the crowd is bound to give him a standing ovation purely for his performance.



Rajinikanth has been famous for various other reasons than his acting skills. Not to forget, Rajinikanth’s jokes. He is above all and he can be anything he wants, only because he is Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth can even do that what God cannot. Yes! That is how much people love Rajinikanth.

With his latest super hit ‘Kabali’ Rajinikanth surprised everyone with his brand integration too. Rajinikanth came back after two years after his last release Lingaa onscreen and much to our surprise broke lots of records on opening day at the box office. Till now, it was Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ making all the noise, but the moment ‘Kabali’ entered the theaters, all other movies almost became invisible. Not only has ‘Kabali shattered Salman Khan’s opening day figures for ‘Sultan, but has also become this year’s first day highest grosser ever!


However, the movie failed to break two other records. First, is Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’s’ opening day figures and the other is ‘Baahubali’s’ opening day figures of nearly Rs. 50 crores. But, it has just been three days and the movie still has the ability to make unbreakable records. On that note, we’d like to bring to your notice 10 records that the film broke on its very first day.

The movie beat his own box office collections of Enthiran.


It is the highest opening day collection for any of the Indian films in USA and Canada, by collecting nearly Rs 13.5 crores.

Highest Day 1 figures in Tamil Nadu box office : Rs. 21.25 crores!


Highest Day 1 collections in the North Indian territories : Rs 5.2 crores.


Highest opening day collections in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for a Tamil film : Rs 9.5 crores.


Highest opening day collections in Karnataka with Rs. 5.10 crores for a Tamil film.

Aren’t these absolutely stellar?

Highest ever opening day figures with Rs 3 crores for any film in Kerala.


Highest opening day figures with Rs 42 crores net approximately for any film this year.


Highest ever box office collections in South-East Asia for a Tamil film.


Recorded highest opening day collections for any of Rajinikanth films.


Highest opening day figures with nearly Rs 70 crores worldwide for any Tamil film worldwide…


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