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Rake – Dreams Interpretation

rake dreams 03Rake helps to gather the dirt all at once. Thus, rake symbolizes the capacity to how much you can hold onto things. Rake dreams symbolize your own skills and efficiency to manage things.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

The task of raking may denote various meanings that may be positive or negative, as per the situations around you. For instance, if you found yourself raking in dream, it means that you are good at taking advantages of others.
Different people dream about rake in different sense. If an unmarried person dreams about a rake, it gives signs of marriage. On the other end, if a very young person dreams about rake, it indicates an early marriage. Rake dreams also signify that there are a few tasks in life that can only be managed by you, as relying on others would simply delay the completion.
Dreaming about rake may also indicate that you need to clean some memories of the past from your life or clean up a few pending tasks in life. By doing this, your dream is giving you a hint that after you clean the old clutter, new things will take place in life. Digging with rake in dream symbolizes that it is time for action.rake dreams 01

Most Common Rake Dreams :
• Using a Rake: To dream about using a rake signifies action. Perhaps, things will fall into place if you start managing them all on your own. This could be handling various situations, managing the relations and dealing with your own sickness.
• Broken Rake: To see a broken rake in dream denotes illness and failures. It means that certain plans made by you in life will not be accomplished. Do not get disappointed by these dreams, as there is always a way to handle things in reality. Focus on realistic tasks and goals for some time.
• Other People Raking: Many people dream about strangers raking on the street. This is a positive sign. It means that you will enjoy other people’s fortune. For instance, your company may achieve greater profits and you will enjoy the bonus from these returns. The dream may also relate property attained by the inheritance.

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