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Raspberries – Dreams Interpretation

raspberries DREAMS 04This sweet fruit is the symbol of promises in love. There are plenty of things you may notice in raspberries dream.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

According to the European beliefs, raspberries are signifiers of joy, love, prosperity and pleasure. These dreams speak a lot about your love life. For instance, picking the raspberries from the garden in dream signifies secret and passionate love, eating the raspberries may denote intimate time with your partner and so raspberries DREAMS 02on.
If you dreamt of someone picking the raspberries from the garden, it means someone in your family is in a secret affair. This points more towards a woman. Dreams related to raspberries promise good times in the upcoming weeks. If a matured person dreams about raspberries, it is a sign that you will receive a hot kiss from your crush.
It is important that you notice the person in your dreams who is shown with the raspberries. For instance, whether it was you or someone else? The people in your dream maybe related to your family or friends. If you see an old person eating raspberries in dream, it is a sign that an elderly person from your family is thinking of you and wishing to see you. This person could be your grandparents, your teacher or your parents.raspberries DREAMS 01

Most Common Raspberries Dreams :
To eat Raspberry Jam: Raspberries are generally sweet and juicy fruits. To dream about spreading the jam on the bread and eating it in dream indicates that wishes regarding your love life will be fulfilled.
To see Raspberry Bushes: These dreams relate the good times in your life. You will enjoy a joyful period ahead. Be happy about this dream as you are likely to attain good profits from your business or job.
To Buy Raspberries from the Shop: To dream about buying raspberries out of temptation is a sign that you will take efforts to improve the good times in your life. This dream also signifies that you will feel good and attain happiness by your own efforts in life. Start doing little things that make you happy.

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