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9 Real Reasons Why Women Leave The Men They Love the Most

No woman wants to leave the man she loves.

Love is love without a concrete definition. It lets go of boundaries, walls, and inhibitions. It is effortless. In relationships, love does require work, but it’s meant to be a rhythmic dance of ease and grace. Unfortunately, when it isn’t an easy dance, the relationship often ends disastrously. It’s in those moments that we ask, “What happened?” Sometimes it will be the man who does the leaving, and sometimes it will be the woman. Other times, it will be a mutual decision. The most difficult part of a break-up, though, often involves the unanswered questions. If you are a man concerned about the love of your life, you don’t want to be left asking, “Why?”

Here are some of the reasons that make women leave the men they love.

1. Lack of communication

Women need someone to talk to, it’s impractical for a guy to be by her side all the time but if you are absent most of the time, you are giving her one less of a reason to hold on. If you are not with her every time she needs you, it’s like practically asking her to move on.

2. You have nothing in common anymore

At the beginning of a relationship everything is new. We go in bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, completely infatuated with that person for relatively simple reasons. But as these relationships mature, you need to have some form of common ground or common interests to help keep you both engaged with each other. There will come a point where you know all of each other’s past stories and experience, so you need something to build future stories together.

3. They feel alone

A woman needs to feel that she matters. If her man is not there to support her, there is no reason for her to continue a relationship. Women are nurturers and because of this, when they are in a relationship, they focus their entire being on the man they love. By contrast, men tend to detach quickly when they get comfortable (even in a relationship). For a woman dealing with the loneliness of being with someone who is not emotionally present, the noise is deafening. She might wake up one day and realize she does not deserve that feeling of worthlessness that keeps coming up through the avoidance she feels.

4. You avoid physical intimacy

Men are sexual creatures. When they want sex, they are ready. A woman, on the other hand needs intimacy. She might crave foreplay, which can provide the feeling of being completely desired by her man. Routine is the kiss of death. A woman wants spontaneity; she craves to be romanced. When a woman is indeed in love, she is bound to be attracted to you. She will want physical intimacy. So try to be physically involved in the relationship. It becomes more important if you are in a long-distance relationship.

5. Selfishness takes over

You are more invested into activities that please you, the less time you give her, the more distorted she starts to feel about the relationship. We women want to be a priority, we don’t want to be treated as a convenience. If you want to be left alone, she will show resistance to a certain extent, after that she will seriously consider that you should be left alone for good. There is no “I” in a relationship.

6. You lack maturity

A woman needs someone who they can respect, not some man who has failed to abandon his childish habits. A woman wants someone who can stand up to his responsibilities. There is nothing great in having a man who still makes stupid decisions with his friends every now and then, or gets his mother’s opinion on everything he wants to do. Long term relationships require maturity, and a woman will look for that in her partner.

7. You don’t give her personal space

It could be simply that you live together and have fallen into a routine where you don’t seek out extracurricular activities. You get so used to each other’s presence that you’re completely used to being two people instead of one person sharing time with another. Another reason you haven’t had, or haven’t given, personal space is because you/they are too codependent. If you can’t handle the thought of your partner doing things without you or you doing things without them, you need to at least ask yourself why?

8. Too many lies in your relatioship

Everyone lies every once in a while. Is it okay to lie? Well, no, not at all. It’s not acceptable to lie to the person you love, your relationship is built on the trust you have between the two of you and you’re just throwing it out of the window by lying to your partner. One way or the other, they will eventually find out that you lied and that’ll be the end of your relationship (or at least, the trust they had for you will never be the same). When you lie to someone once, you’ll lie to them again.

9. You are trying to change her

Remember, you love her for the person she IS, not the person you want her to be. We all should be loved for who we are, it’s what we deserve. You shouldn’t be with someone who’s on a constant move to change each and every thing about you. If you stick with such a person, you will slowly drift away from the person you once were and won’t be able to recognize your own self once they’re done with you. If you try to change your woman, you’re not in love with her, you’re just in love with some idea of her and her being the way you want her to be.

Women have evolved in our society. The “need” to have a man is surpassed by a “desire” to share a life with him. When there is no love, appreciation, touch, spiritual connection, intellectual stimulation, or presence, a woman will likely choose independence. Women work just as hard as men. Tolerating a companionship that is not stimulating is no longer on the agenda; it’s a reality check that it is time to move on.

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