12 Reasons Why The First Year Of Your Marriage Is Most Important For Your Relationship

Faliure, Fights and Forgivness... Things I have learned in my first year of marriage.

Marriage is one of the most beautiful, exciting, romantic and adventurous phases of your life. It means you will be starting a new phase of your life, sharing your home, your space and your life with someone. It also brings the joy of beginning a new family. All the excitement, anticipation and nervousness are what make it worthwhile.

When you tie the knot and start a life together, irrespective of the fact whether yours is a love or an arranged marriage, the first year of your marriage is the most decisive one as it is the time you discover, you learn, you implement and you follow.

Confused? Well don’t be, as we get you the exact meaning of what we tend to imply right here. So, read on and enjoy as you unfold the importance of this crucial year of your life.


1. You are getting to know each other

You may have known each other for a long time, but there are many things that you get to know about a person only when you share your life with them. Your partner’s likes, dislikes, habits – good as well as bad, the way they eat, sleep and many other things make you aware of your partner completely.

2. You learn to share “everything”

Not only your home, but things like your space, your cupboards, your towels, your car, your favourite chocolates that you have stacked in the fridge, which may seem like small things but mean a lot to you!

3. You fight, but you also learn how to act as a unit when a dreadful situation arises

If you are a married couple who does not fight, then there is seriously something wrong with you! A healthy marriage has healthy fights and that is what brings you closer too. And along the way, you realise that you may fight your hearts out, but when faced with a challenging situation, you never leave your partner alone. Rather, you two become a team and look for fruitful solutions to solve the problem before you.

4. You learn what makes your partner happy and what makes them sad

This phase of your marriage is where you spend the maximum time together (as it is also called the “extended honeymoon phase”). Hence, not only the likes and dislikes, but it also makes you well aware of your partner’s tastes, both good and bad.
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5. You both fight, but learn how to act in the dreadful situation!

You both fight, but still you both are trying to learn how to act as one in the bad situations.

6. You both come to know each other’s strong and weak points!

This is the best thing you come to know after marriage. Knowing each other’s strong and weak points is the biggest strength of any relationship.

7. You become aware of each other’s fighting pattern

Yes, that is true! The first year of your marriage is enough time for you to understand the pattern or the triggers for your partner to get angry and start fights. So, you either learn to change your habits or try to change your spouse’s unjust behaviour. You also become more aware of not letting fights caused by silly triggers to occur in the future.

8. You learn to choose your words before speaking

Because once you say things that you did not intend to, but did in a sudden burst of anger, you see the consequences and the distance that it creates between the two of you. Then you wish, you had not used such hurtful words. So, you learn to choose your words wisely.

9. This year will prove all your commitments and promises!

In the first year, every couple keeps an eagle eye on each other. Both the partners notice that all the commitments and promises you both made are fitting in your life or not!

10. You realise the meaning of starting your own family

Until now, family comprised of you, your parents, your siblings and your relatives. Now, you learn the new definition of family where it is you, your husband, your in-laws, a child in the future, and how to keep everyone happy and together!

11. You finally get a best friend for life

You know, your 3 am companion, your partner in crime, your best buddy who also luckily happens to be your spouse? And, the reason you enjoy the company of your best friend the most in the first year is because that is the most fun-filled and stress-free time.

12. You both come to understand each other’s behaviours in crisis!

You both understand that how one will react in the crisis, either they have the tendency to run away or ignore the things! This will prepare the another partner to manage the crisis.
And of course, you will continue to learn new things every day, even after the first year is over. You get busy with your work and start to raise your children, but the foundation that the first year laid and all the things it taught you will help you lead a happy and ‘in-love’ married life. It will not fail to bring a smile on your face whenever you will think of all these beautiful memories.

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