13 Reasons You Should Stop Comparing Yourself To Other people

NowFind yourself comparing your ways, looks, material things and more to others? Below are 13 reasons why you need to stop comparing yourself to others. Remember that your life is going to be different and your experiences do not need to be like your peers in order for you to be great or worth it. Just be you!

Your Experiences Are Going To Be Different

great achievement
great achievement

Regardless of how hard you may try to emulate someone else’s life, your experiences will always in the end turn out differently. We all learn and observe things according to our own understandings. While we can definitely learn from others the outcome for us may differ from what they have gone through. True, we learn right and wrong from what is considered moral and from historical and present circumstances but our life is our own. Our minds, what we see and how we feel is going to differ from one person to the next.

Comparing Limits Individualitytumblr_m14upxct5v1rrc7ndo1_500

You are an individual and that is how it is always going to be. Why compare yourself to others when everything you do is going to be unique to you? Represent who you are and understand what it is that makes you distinct. Embrace what makes you special and let go of all the superficiality that often comes with comparison. Why would you ever want to be like other people anyway? Take pride in who you are!

Comparing Yourself To Others Only Adds More Stress To LifeStop Comparing Yourself

When we spend so much time dissecting others and focusing all of our attention on everything from someone else’s clothing to physique and mental state, we lose sight of important things which adds more stress in our lives. Stress can leave us in even worse emotional states eventually breaking us down.

While this may seem extreme, it is definitely a possibility. Focus on yourself and if you seek to make changes in your life, focus on ways to get there. Sure someone else can inspire you but be aware of your own capabilities and what it is you actually want. In other words, do not model your life completely based off of someone else. Otherwise you will find that the road to get you there is a never ending cycle of failed attempts and detrimental stress because you cannot be like someone else.

Comparing Yourself Makes You Less Content For What You HaveStop Comparing Yourself

There is always going to be someone else who has more than we do so why even bother stressing about this? There is always going to be someone who is seemingly smarter, more handsome or beautiful, more successful financially, more spiritual aware or a type A personality.

Why not just accept that fact and work on yourself? In the end it all comes down to how you see yourself. Be content with what you have at the moment and go from there daily if you really feel you need too.

Comparing Creates BitternessStop Comparing Yourself

Why so bitter? Sometimes when we focus our attention too much on others and not enough on ourselves we may find that we become bitter and frustrated. If it is really so important for you to have more, work for it but never look to others to confirmation on what you can be.

Comparing Limits Self-Awareness

Silhouette of hiking man in mountain
Silhouette of hiking man in mountain

 Comparing ourselves to others limits the amount of time we actually take to become more mindful of our lives. The amount of attention we really focus on what everyone else is doing takes away from your own purpose in life and figuring out what you are actually passionate about.

Consider how much time we focus on celebrity gossip for instance. All that time wasted could have been used to actually do something for your own overall wealth. While it is common in our culture today to ignore a deeper understanding of self, focusing heavily instead on material things and others, we eventually find how destructive this can be.

Comparing Makes Us Feel inferiorStop Comparing Yourself

Comparing ourselves to others just gives us an overall sense that we are inferior in so many ways we might not have never have felt had we really focused our intentions elsewhere from the beginning. The overall sense of feeling inferior depends on having something to compare too.

Knowing that we all were born in different circumstances, have different goals and dreams, why then should we compare ourselves to the next person if we know that they are perhaps not reaching for the same things? Even if they are, the journey there will definitely be different from one person to the next.

Comparing Is Dangerous To Mental HealthStop Comparing Yourself

Comparing ourselves to others is also a danger to mental health. The more we focus on other things the more our own life slips out of our grasps and leaves us instable. Learn to love and cherish who you are by thinking positively. Compliment yourself daily and note even your minor accomplishments. Keep your mental health in check by focusing more on the things that make you who you are from family to dreams.

Comparing Yourself To Others Is Often InaccurateStop Comparing Yourself

How so? When we compare ourselves to others we do so without taking the things that got someone to where they are in context. We often ignore the full picture and only see the things that stand out most to us. This inaccurate way of understanding others often leads us into judgment of others which in turn cannot and will not work to our own advantage.

Comparing Does Not Help In Accomplishing Any GoalsStop Comparing Yourself

How can comparing ourselves to others help us in accomplishing our own goals? Sure, admiring someone can push and motivate us to work a bit harder to get to where we want to be. But there is a big difference between admiration and comparison.

While admiring tends to lean more towards being inspired, comparing tends to lean more towards that competitive nature and judgment. Our inefficiencies are often debated when we compare while when we admired and are inspired by others we often feel a different emotion. We feel motivated and positive energy.

Comparing Creates Jealousy And BitternessStop Comparing Yourself

When we compare ourselves we create an atmosphere of jealousy and bitterness. We begin to wish for things that have nothing to do with us or who we are. Things that we think will give us a foothold in society- better hair, prettier face, more money. Bigger cars… When we see others who do have such things we often become jealous of them instead of happy for what we already have.

Comparing Leaves Us Feeling Lonely And Isolatedlonely

Ever feel lonely and isolated? Probably was not the best you have ever felt or been. Comparing ourselves to others often leaves us again in this situation. How you ask? Well as previously mentioned, we start to feel inadequate, unaccepted and inferior. So do not find yourself shutting up to the world instead let your individuality shine for others to be inspired by.

Comparing Is Not A Win-Win SituationStop Comparing Yourself

And last, comparing is never a winning situation. We gain nothing from comparisons accept a limited appreciation of our own existence and a highly judgmental attitude. So let it all go and get back to being you. What makes you unique and awesome?

Why not emphasize that for the world to see and appreciate others in their uniqueness as well while you are at it. While we all are human in the end, we all have differences that can be appreciated! This can make you so much happier in the end!

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