11 Things You Should Never Lie To Your Boyfriend About : Relationship Goals

As far as I’m concerned, honesty isn’t just the best policy, it’s the only policy in relationship. Being honest with your significant other is the best way to build trust and loyalty – two very important factors in any kind of relationship.

Sometimes we tell little lies because we don’t want to hurt our partner’s feelings, but when it comes to dating, honesty is important. And, there’s certain things we usually fib about — like how many people we’ve had sex with or how we really feel about his inner circle — that can be even more hurtful to our guys and our relationship.

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What things should you always be honest about with your man?

1. Your Marriage Goals

Most women assume that talking about marriage will scare a man off, but that’s false. The man that’s right for you will want to know where you really stand—especially if he’s on a different path. There is a way to be open about where you desire to be in the future in terms of your relationship without putting too much pressure on the present situation. Saying you don’t want to be married when you clearly do, will send him running for the hills.

2. How Cool You Are With Him Having “Female Friends”

Not every woman will be comfortable with her man’s best friend forever being a female. This is something you must be honest with yourself and him about up front. The issues you overlook in the beginning can potentially become romantic barriers later on down the line. Don’t tell him you’re “cool with it” when you’re not. He’ll see right through this one fast.

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3. Your Age

This is one of the most delicate topics for women but it’s important to let it out, do not lie About your age prior to the relationship. If he is interested, age won’t matter, if you’re insecure About revealing your age, it would only make him doubt you and once he doubts you on this He will very easily doubt you on something else. Keep it transparent with the birth dates.

4. Your Past Intimacy

Most women would disagree with this but men respect women who are open about their past Relationships. If you hide your past intimacy with your ex, he will get skeptical. If you’re open About it and tell him exactly as it is before the relationship, he will always trust you. A big no Is when women bring up their past sex lives in the middle of a relationship, that just breaks all Boundaries of trust and ultimately the relationship itself.

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5. When His Fave Thing In Bed Makes You Uncomfortable

Just because he’s your boyfriend doesn’t mean you have to do whatever sexual thing he wants. If you don’t like something he ALWAYS does whenever you two hook up, say something! You don’t have to be like, “ew, get off of me.” You can just say, “I’m not into this. Can we try something different?” Also, your BF doesn’t have license to pressure you into things simply because he’s dating you. If he wants to do something you’re no comfortable with, don’t lie and say you are because you feel guilty.

6. Your Cooking Abilities

Cooking skills – most women think it is highly important if they pose as a good cook when they Can’t make a decent meal. Don’t promise him Italian meals and exotic dishes when you can’t Make them. It’s fine if a woman can’t cook properly, both of you are together to better each other In every walk of life, but if you lie about things it can very well cost you in the future.

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7. The Ex-Factor

If your ex is still in the picture, say so. It’s just as important not to hide a connection to an ex, as it is for him to reveal any women in his life. As long as you both keep it real in this department, there will be no unwanted surprises.

8. The Real You

It’s okay to cover yourself in make-up and to act the way he wants you to but to a certain extent. If you hide the real you for a long period of time it might go very badly for you. He loves you for Who you are not for who you’re trying to be. Guys love nothing more than a lady who’s true to Herself and then to them. Keep it real, ladies.

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9. That You Have An STD

If you have an STD, I know you might feel way too embarrassed to tell anyone – but, sorry to tell you girl, you have to. It’s not okay to have sex with someone without filling them in on what’s going on down there, even if you two are using a condom. Would you like it if your boyfriend had an STD and just didn’t tell you? Probably not.

10. That His Friends Are Being Mean To You

It’s one thing to lie to your boyfriend about hating his friends – it’s another thing to lie to him if they’re being mean to you. If your BF’s friends are being really rude to you, you should let him know. Wouldn’t you want to know if your friends were being mean to your BF behind your back? Similarly, you should let him know if one of his friends tries hitting on you. His friend is doing something wrong and he deserves to know that.

11. That You Love Him If You Don’t

If a dude says those three BIG words before you’re ready to say them back, don’t lie and say, “I love you too” simply because you feel guilty not doing that. Look, I know this is an extremely difficult situation to be in. How are you supposed to react without crushing his feelings? I know it’s tempting to lie until you really do love him, but don’t – what if you never end up loving him? What if he finds out you lied? That’s going to hurt SO much worse than if you had just said, “I really, really care about you, but I need more time before I say the l-word.”

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Don’t lie. If you’re in it for the long haul with someone, you might as well be honest with them, because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you feel something growing and expanding within you — a secret, a secret little truth that perhaps you’re wondering if it might be better left unsaid — I would deeply suggest just airing it. Just opening your mouth and say it.

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