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15 Retro Fashion Trends That Are Making A Comeback!

Is fashion your passion? If it’s not, we’ve got you covered.

Fashion is never too old and it can strike you back at any point of time. With all the latest fashion trends coming in, there’s a glimpse of trends that were once followed back at a point of time. The swinging 60s were the Golden Age of freedoms, so it has been said, and contemporary designers are dashing to revive the revolutionary golden era. These retro fashion trends still managed to make a splendid comeback which is remarkable in their own way.


1. Berry lips

History tends to repeat itself—and the saying definitely holds true in the beauty and fashion world. While deep berry lips were a ’90s beauty staple, the trend can still be spotted on today’s red carpet.

2. Polka Dots

Polka dots are totally worth the buy, especially the smaller prints. I usually go for really sombre colours, but you can be a lot more playful and try out variations on crop tops or dresses.

3. Suspenders-Retro Fashion Trends

Suspenders are daring, classy and extraordinary. A woman with a vintage dress like this can never miss a moment to sparkle and rule over. Suspenders were often styled by men back then, but recently the love for them emerged in the women’s fashion industry and is accepted graciously by them. Welcome, retro fashion trends!!

4. High-Waist Denim

They are super classy and is picked by most of the fashionistas these days. We spotted these exciting piece of denim in the early 90’s and was a huge rage. Even now most of the brands are coming with a huge variety on high waist denim and is a must for your wardrobe.

5. Chokers

We know how trendy these are and it is so easy to pair them, along with your outfit. They can make your any outfit classy whether it is a simple casual look or a party look.

6. Leather jacket

A surprisingly timeless trend, the leather jacket has staying power-likely because it can be worn in three seasons of the year, and adds instant edge to any ensemble.

7. Skater Dresses

They’re pretty, cute and is perfect for a pear-shaped woman. It will surely hide your flaws and you can totally rely on them. Their sophistication is high and they will never bring any dull moment in your life in terms of fashion. They hardly need any accessory to be paired with them.

8. Fedora Hats

Fedora hats are super classy. They were flaunted highly during 80′ and 90’s and was dreamy enough to make you look super stylish . Going to a beach or for styling your dress in a classy manner, a fedora hat will save you and will make you happy enough.

9. Ponchos

Ponchos are quirky and can be paired vividly. They can be chic for college wear or they can be classy as a formal wear. They are versatile and is easy to layer them, especially with your upcoming winter wear. And ponchos are trending in ethnic too as we have spotted some of the designer lehngas revolutionized with ponchos.

10. Fringes

Don’t cringe at the fringe. Because it’s coming back to add some layers to your life. Fringes are unique and make a style statement itself. Once you’re addicted to them, there’s no look back. You can feel happy about the fact that they can be styled in numerous ways and the trend is followed b every renown designer these days.

11. Suspenders

A short lesson in looking dapper boys, pull of suspenders. Because they sort of remind you of these rustic men, with class. So maybe, you can try it this Saturday!

12. The denim jacket

What would the ’90s be without the denim trend? Twenty years later, the jacket is here to stay-proving there’s no need to mess with a good thing.

13. Bowties

Omg! I love bowties on men, it’s so adorable. So if for one day, you can leave your need to look absolutely ‘macho’ and settle for ‘cute’ instead, then you and this bowtie, might make a good pair.

14. Dungarees

Karishma Kapoor should have been the official ambassador for these thing, back in the day, but oh well. It’s pretty cute on almost everyone, just make sure there are no camel-toe scenes happening.

15. Head bands

We aren’t talking fancy, Gossip Girl headbands, we’re talking tying a simple scarf into an effective hairband! It’s pretty cute and plus it makes you look approachable in this very edgy world.

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