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Rice- Dreams Interpretation

rice dreams 04Rice is the symbol of nourishment, health and life. Dreams related to rice indicate your well-being.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Rice is a food that helps to live and survive. Thus, the dreams related to rice depict your well-being, health and prosperity. To cook rice in dream is a sign that you are well established in life and have no scarcity of food for living. In simple words, these dreams denote that you rice dreams 03are making a good living for yourself and your family.
To dream about rice indicates your simple lifestyle and healthy living. If you see many people eating rice in dream, it is a sign that you will find people in your social circle, who are above the poverty line. Cooking rice in dream also brings positivity. If your dream shows you starving for rice, it is a sign of grief.
The majority of the diet charts and doctors’ advices include rice as a part of nutrition. This should explain you the purpose of your dreams related to rice. To dream about sharing your rice with others is a sign of celebration and happiness. This dream also indicates that you are making an excellent earning and so, it makes you happy to share your joy with others.rice dreams 02

Most Common Rice Dreams :
• Buying Rice: A dream about buying rice indicates that you have celebration times ahead and you will spend good times with friends and family. It is also a sign of new connections to take place such as; marriage.
• Rice Served to You: To dream about rice served to you indicates that you are likely to attend a special occasion. It could be a close relative’s wedding or engagement ceremony. Eating rice with other people also indicates peace and harmony in the family.
• Distributing Rice: A dream, in which you are distributing rice, denotes abundance and well-being. It is a sign that you will attain great success. This symbol also means that you love to share your earnings and income with others. Continue with this humble and kind attitude, as there are plenty of positive things stored for you ahead.

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