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River- Dreams Interpretation

river dreams 01River is the symbol of calmness and uncertain things happening in life. The calm water of river represents peace and a strong river stream means challenges around you.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

The river dreams symbolize the various challenges of life. In simple terms, to dream about river means uncertain issues related to life. These could be the obstacles, changes and challenges. The water of the river also depicts your mood swings and changes.
A dream, in which you are crossing a river, indicates that you will overcome the difficulties of36265 life. If you manage to cross the river with the help of a bridge in your dream, it also signifies that you have faced no hurdles in completing your matters. Additionally, walking on the pebbles across the river signifies temporary hurdles in life.
To dream about floating on a river may depict two meanings. First, you will be relaxed for the time period and you will enjoy this moment of peace. Second, you are likely to face unpleasant situations and float in these issues for a while. River dreams may involve positive and negative signs. Thus, it is important for you to remember how you saw the river in your dream. For instance, whether you were sailing a boat on river, flowing river stream, frozen river, fishing near the river, etc…

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Most Common River Dreams :
Sailing a Boat in River: The way you sail a boat in dream will convey the signs of situations around you. If you dreamt that you sailed the boat smoothly, it means that you will break the barriers on your path smoothly.
To see a Dirty River: To dream about a dirty river indicates ill feelings and emotions about your own life. Perhaps, you are unhappy about the way life is dealing with you. Do not get disappointed as this distasteful period will pass soon if you keep a positive attitude.
To see a Frozen River: A frozen river in dream represents a stop point, where the tasks seem to be stuck. However, with your hard work and continuous efforts, you can easily break the ice into pieces.

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