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Road – Dreams Interpretation

Road is the symbol of life’s journey. The dreams related to road indicate the various directions that your life has taken in the past, or the directions it will take ahead.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:
Road symbolizes the journey that your life is currently in. These dreams mean a lot when it comes to taking the right direction or the next turn. Note down a few things in your dream to get a closer analysis such as; whether the road was smooth or rough, were you going on a road trip for a vacation, were you walking on the road, was there a dead end, etc…
All the above scenarios will take you closer to the reality. A broken road means that you will face a few pebbles in your life’s journey, which could be named as challenges. However, once you know the routes and directions well, these will pass soon.
To go on a vacation by a road trip indicates that you are running away from something in life. It could be your past or present situation. Road trip also indicates that you are an adventure loving person and love to take up challenges of life in every step.

Most Common Road Dreams :
• A Wrong Route: A dream in which you have taken a wrong move on a road indicates a wrong decision. Perhaps, you need to relook at things and fix them, so that you head towards a right direction in life.
• An Under constructed Road: This dream indicates to be gentle in your decisions. Tough decisions and hardships will make the life rough. An under constructed road also indicates that you must relax for the time being and allow the paths to become smoother for you.
• Road Accident: To witness a road accident in dream is a sign of failures. Take this as a warning sign to change your direction, as your dream is indicating a risk on this path. Some people also dream of meeting with a road accident. This dream is a sign that you will not be able to succeed in a particular decision of life.

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