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Ruins – Dreams Interpretation

ruins dreams 01Ruins are not really good signs of the dream world. These symbolize distress, pain, sorrows, heartbreaks, losses and much more.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Ruins are linked to those situations in your life, which could have been better; however, got ruined due to unavoidable circumstances, such as; the losses in business, a broken engagement, failing health, personal losses and so on.
Ruins are also related to your ancestral duties. The dreams associated with ruins may either act as warning signs or signify an absence of someone from the past. Many people see ruins dreams 03ancient ruins in their dreams. It could be a sign that you will travel extensively out of your country.
The ruin dreams are also associated with someone who is responsible for ruining your relationship. If you dream of a specific person trying to ruin something in your dream, beware of this person. A strange face in dream may be related to an outsider. On the other end, a familiar face may relate a friend or a family member. It is necessary that you also check for any business projects that have been rejected. It is possible that your dream might be pointing at someone who has ruined your business relations.ruins dreams 02

Most Common Ruins Dreams:
• Walls of an Old Ruin Falling Apart: This dream signifies a good sign. It could mean relocation or change of a new house. It is quite possible that your dream is informing you about a house change. Old ruin may also indicate that your house needs a renovation.
• Ruins Falling Over Your Head: To dream about ruins falling over your head indicates your own sins. Perhaps, the ancient souls or your own ancestors might show their unhappiness towards you. If you think you are right, so not think what the others think of you.
• To See Yourself Covered with Ruins: This is one of the common dreams. It means that you have the blessings of your ancestors and they are always surrounding you for protection. It is also a sign that you must not find yourself lonely as your ancestors are watching over you.

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