10 Rules That Will Deepen Your Relationship Bond Like Never Before

Relationships are difficult; they can be incredibly fun and rewarding, but they also require work to maintain a strong bond between you and your partner. If you’re in a happy partnership, married or not, you can keep it that way or make it even better by introducing a few new behaviors and small changes into the relationship. A strong relationship can be started and maintained through key behaviors such as communication, understanding, intimacy, and trust.

Here are some rules that you have to follow to deepen your relationship bond and be a happier couple.

1. Be sensitive to each other’s needs

A lot of times we fail to ask how our partner is because we often times so wrapped up in ourselves that we neglect each other. When you notice any differences in your partner’s behavior, ask how they are; are they happy, tired, etc.? Relationships provide countless opportunities to learn from and encourage each other, and this ability will increase with time and intimacy.

2. Enjoy new and exciting experiences that bring you closer

Research shows that participating in new and exciting, physical activities with your partner is an effective way to strengthen your bond. I mean activities outside the bedroom. Exercises that require communication and team-work. Whether it’s rock climbing or go cart racing or learning to drive a stick, you and your partner will feel closer because you are taking risks together, thus triggering the release of dopamine in the brain.

3. Appreciate your partner

Think about something your partner does that makes your life easier, especially something you view as their responsibility, such as paying their share of the bills. Thank them sincerely for it. This might feel weird since it’s something they should do anyway, but it makes them feel good and your relationship more satisfying. So take 5 minutes to say something like ‘I appreciate you for working hard so you can afford to help pay the bills’ and watch out for the huge smile on their face afterwards.

4. Know your partner’s love language

When you are in a committed relationship, it’s important to understand the way they feel love, and how they express it. When you understand your partner’s love language, you will be able to speak their language. It’s also just as important in knowing your own love language. How do you feel most loved? Maybe it’s through spending quality time together, or by physical touch. A lot of couples lack intimacy and love because they are speaking different love languages to their partner. Once you’re able to speak fluently in your partner’s love language, you’ll be back on track of developing and deepening your relationship.

5. Respect each other’s personal space

Men and women alike require a certain amount of personal space, some more than others. Honoring a person’s sense of personal space shows respect and trust. Sometimes in a marriage or serious relationship, boundaries can become obscure. It’s important to recognize that your partner need a space for himself. If you and your partner are arguing about personal space, then there might be underlying trust issues in the relationship that should be confronted. And if your partner has earned your trust with consistent honesty and integrity throughout the entirety of the relationship, then you should definitely respect his personal space.

6. Accept your partner’s uniqueness

Rather than idealizing your partner or holding them to unrealistic standards, enjoy and respect them for the human they actually are. Every person has flaws and strengths, and it is important to understand and accept all the parts of your partner’s personality. Unrealistic expectations lead to chronic frustration, which is the main reason relationships fail.

7. Forgive your partner when they upset you

Treat your partner with the same patience and respect that you would like to be treated with, and forgive them when they offend you. Holding grudges and records of offense will only create suspicion and mistrust in your relationship.

8. Turn off the TV!

There is nothing wrong with watching TV with your partner every so often, but when it gets to a point where you are finding yourself always watching it after work, you will form a bad habit that will be difficult to break. Once you allow TV to be part of your relationship, how can you possibly develop greater intimacy? Turn off the television and do something fun! Whatever the two of you enjoy doing is a much better habit to form than sitting and watching television. Nourish your relationship!

9. Create some relationship routines

It seems like as the days go by, our relationships get pushed from the foreground to the back burner while daily life stresses take precedence. When we create routines in our relationship, we are able to reconnect with what made us fall in love with our partners in the first place. This can be as simple as always going to bed at the same time and waking up early at the time same. This may be challenging, but when you commit to sleeping at the same time and waking up at the same time, you can spend some quality time before starting the day and before you go to bed at night. Another relationship routine would be to walk together in the mornings. Creating such routines are meant to reconnect with your partner, especially if the both of you have busy schedules.

10. Support each other

A great way to do this is by taking time to understand your partner’s plans, ambitions, and goals, and finding ways to encourage them. Supporting your partner in their plans and goals will help you understand them better as a person, and will bolster their emotions.[6] A relationships partner is often the first place that people look to for emotional and personal support; let your partner rely on you to encourage them, and look to them for support as well.

These rules should be looked at as a stepping stone to developing your relationship, and are meant to help establish a strong foundation between you and your partner. We all have flaws and mistakes, but when we can follow these rules in our relationship, we will better understand our partner and also ourselves.

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