Sach – A Heartbreaking Rap Video by Tagee

This is life people will screw you over. You'll witness things that will change you forever. 

The things that make us human is humanity, which we have forgotten.

As for me we humans were made as the most smartest creature. But as we evolved we did what shouldn’t have been done. Otherwise what a life on earth would have been.. this is explained correctly by Tagee in his Video named as “Sach”.

TAGEE a roorkee based rapper of Artisttaan, loved to write about social issues. He did theatre from asmita theatre group in Delhi under director Arvind gaur sir in 2013 and worked with them for about 1 year, from there he got the idea of plays on social issues. He used to observe social problems in the surrounding and always take stand for them whenever required and then he started writing on these issues

Do checkout his latest song “Sach” in which he talked about the bitter truth of society,

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