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How to Save Multiple Mailbird Emails to PDF File Format?

PDF files are preferred across the world because of its flexibility to be used on different platforms. There are few other formats that can be converted to PDF but these changes often take time. As a result, PDF has become the standard file format across many countries and industries. That is why, many people are requesting for a solution to convert Mailbird to PDF format with attachments. In this article we will be discussing the best way to save multiple Mailbird emails to PDF format using Yota Mailbird Converter.

Why to Convert Mailbird files to PDF format?

A PDF file is a convenient way of sharing documents. It is widely used in the business world to distribute marketing, sales, and sales collateral content. Advantages of using PDF files are:

Easier to store and move: PDF files are not dependent on any platform like Microsoft Office or Google Docs, which makes them easy to store or move from one computer system to another.

Secure with passwords: The password protection feature of PDF files protects data from unauthorized access as well as protecting against malicious software like viruses and spyware.

Seamless distribution: The file can easily be distributed across multiple platforms like email, tablet, website etc. If you want your audience to interact with the product or get more information about it then this is a good way to share it with them

Professional Way to Save Mailbird Emails to PDF format

This Mailbird to PDF Converter Wizard uses the latest technology to print Mailbird emails in PDF format with all attachments. The program can easily convert emails from Mailbird to PST, EML, MBOX, vCard, and many other format with all properties intact. Moreover, the tool is very user-friendly and has an intuitive interface that allows you to complete the entire procedure within minutes. Free demo of the tool is also available for testing of the software.

Follow the below steps to Convert Mailbird to PDF format:

Step 1. Install Yota Mailbird to PDF Converter on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Click on Open>>Desktop Email Clients>> Mailbird Accounts.

Step 3. Add and Preview the files. Click on Export and choose PDF as file saving format from the list.

Step 4. Finally set the destination path and hit the Save button to convert Mailbird to PDF format.

Prime Features of Mailbird to PDF Converter Tool

Bulk Conversion: Mailbird to PDF Converter offers users the ability to convert multiple mailboxes at once. With this feature you can export all of your emails in one go without having to open each individual file individually first.

Export Emails with Attachments: It provides a free utility for Mailbird emails to PDF conversion. The software is easy to use, user-friendly, and helpful in exporting Mailbird emails with attachments into PDF files easily including all type of attachments.

Support Different file formats: If you want to convert Mailbird email to PST, EML or HTML format, then Mailbird Converter is the best choice for you. This feature comes with additional options like migrating Mailbird emails into Gmail or Mailbird to Office 365.

Preview of Emails: The program offers a preview mode that provides a quick look at files before converting them. It also has an option that allows users to preview all the elements of the mailbox including attachments, emails, and images.

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As we know, most of the business and personal emails are now in PDF format. The advantages of Mailbird to PDF Converter vary for both individuals and businesses users. It can help people to convert their email into a Adobe PDF document that is not only capable of storing information but also easy to access anytime. And if you are a businessman or running a company, it helps you retain all your business data without losing any important email attachments.

We have discussed the best way to convert Mailbird email to PDF format. Download the tool for free to get the task completed with ease.

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