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School- Dreams Interpretation

School represents the desire to learn and to gain knowledge. It is the symbol of intellect, knowledge, competition and experience.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Schools may not really sound good in childhood; however, these make a big difference when we realize the meaning of school in maturity. A person realizes the importance of school when his own kids step into the school.
Dreams associated with schools may either hint you about your childhood school memories, or may indicate you about a certain facts that you have learnt during your school days. The school dreams are quite a common activity among people. These may relate to various things such as; your childhood crush, favorite teacher, school friendships, first prize in the school and various other things.
Sometimes, these dreams symbolize your frustration level at present. You may be missing the good times of your school and the carefree attitude, where challenges were a piece of cake. However, the current challenging situations of life are not allowing you to breathe freely the same way.
Pay attention to the little things in your dream; such as the structure of your classroom, your teacher’s expressions, the condition of your desk, your uniform, your friends, etc…These things will help with a closer dream analysis.

Most Common School Dreams:
• To see the Classroom: To dream about your classroom depicts the knowledge you have gained in this period. Perhaps, your mind is asking you to follow that knowledge today. This could mean fun, team spirit, competition, friendship, and sincerity.
• To see Graduation: If you dream about a graduation ceremony, it relates the various tests you have passed to reach this goal. It is time to use the same skills and energy in the current situation as well. It is exactly what your dream expects from you.
• To see School Uniform: Dreams associated with school uniforms symbolize discipline in life. The objective behind this dream is to let you know the importance of discipline. You may have forgotten to follow this rule in certain areas and thus, take this as a reminder.

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