13 AMAZING Things You Did Not Know About The Scorpio Girl!

Scorpio is hands-down the most mysterious and perhaps the sexiest of the twelve signs of the zodiac. But that’s not all that makes a Scorpio girl phenomenal. Here are 13 amazing things that you didn’t know about the Scorpio girl!

1. She can read you like an open book.


A Scorpio girl has an uncanny ability to read people, that too with a precision that is borderline scary!

2. She is extremely loyal…

And protective! Did your boyfriend cheat on you? Tell your Scorpio friend about him and she will find him and go on to destroy every single thing that he holds dear. (Actually, maybe don’t tell her!)

3. Hell hath no fury like a Scorpion scorned.

Seriously, don’t even think about pissing her off. Just DON’T.

4. Her sarcasm game is on point.


She is good with witty comebacks, so much so that sarcasm might as well be her middle name!

5. She is classy, sassy but never flashy.

A Scorpio girl loves trends and know how to make them work for her, without becoming a slave to the latest fads. She is not afraid to flaunt what she’s got – and always, always keeps it classy.

6 She owns her sexuality.

Sensuality is one of the defining characteristics of a Scorpion. And when it comes to the Scorpio girl, well, let’s just say that you are in for a treat….

7. She will take your secrets to the grave.


Loyalty is one of the most important things for a Scorpio. And so is trust. Once you secure her trust, you can rest assured that all your secrets will be safe with her forever.

8. She doesn’t take her relationships lightly.

Blame it on her fierce loyalty or her generally passionate nature, a Scorpio girl puts her heart and soul into her relationships, both the romantic as well as the platonic kinds.

9. She is incredibly persistent.

She knows what she wants and goes after it with everything she’s got and refuses to rest until she attains it.

10. She never forgets a wrong.

Scorpions have a tendency to remember the minutest details and a Scorpio girl may neither forgive nor forget the people who have ever wronged her.

11. She is a total badass.

She is resourceful, passionate and a go-getter. Throw in a little bit of mystery, and there you have it, the complete package.

12. She is incredibly generous.

A true Scorpio girl values her relationships and will go out of her way to help out her near and dear ones if they need her.

13. She is passionate – in bed and out of it!


Her passion is not limited just to the bedroom but goes much beyond that. Once a Scorpio girl sets her mind on something, she’ll put in her everything to make sure that she excels at it.


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