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Everyone from the Mughals to the Persians to the Egyptians have sworn by rose water. We’ve heard our mums speak fondly of gulaab jal a number of times. Heck! Even Cleopatra refused to wash her face with anything but the water of fifty fresh roses. So we did some secret scouting of our own to find out why, when it comes to beauty, rose water has always been the secret magic potion.
For Skin
One of the oldest beauty ingredients, it is rich in antioxidants. This means that it helps strengthen skin cells and aides them in regenerating faster while keeping skin hydrated. Among its other magic properties, it also doubles up as an astringent helping to close pores and keep acne at bay.

For Eyes
With its anti-inflammatory properties, rose water is the instant pick-me-up for tired eyes.
If you’ve had a long day in front of a computer or suffering from puffiness, dab cotton wool in rose water and place it over your eyes for ten minutes for quick relief.rose

For Hair
Between pollution, searing heat and chemicals from hair products, one can’t put a finger on what can wreck more havoc with your hair. Every time you shampoo, rinse your hair with rose water. It helps soften the texture of your hair and keep it smooth and shiny.

For Make Up
Taking off your make up after a long evening can be quite a drag; especially when all you want to do is hit the sack. That’s when the sweetest smelling solution comes to your rescue. Mixed with a few drops of coconut oil, rose water works as an excellent make up remover. Plus, since it’s completely natural there’s no reason to worry about unpredictable skin reactions.

For Sun Tan
A lesser known fact about rose water? It’s one of the most effective ways to get rid of your sun burn/tan. Rose water mixed with equal parts tomato juice and left on for half an hour can help erase the remnants of your last beach vacation.

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