Secret Habits Every Book-Lover Is Guilty Of Having

Being a reader means you've got to love your books more than anyone else in this world...

Whether or not we want to face up to the truth or not, we all have our own random plethora of guilty habits. For the devoted book lover, however, when it comes to our sacred reads, some of these habits can get a little extreme and out of hand. Be honest, are you guilty of any of these?

1. Rereading A Favorite Book At Least 10 Times

Hey, this number may soon reach the skies! There’s no limit on how much you can read your favorite stories. Sometimes, rereading certain novels makes the reading experience all the more lovable and memorable.

2. Buying Pretty New Versions Of Books You Already Have

Whenever I walk into a bookstore, I have a fairly similar routine which involves looking for the books I came in to buy, and then completely getting side-tracked by pretty new editions of books I’ve already read or classics I already have a couple versions of. You can never have too many Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or Pride and Prejudice, right?

3. Internet Stalking Your Favorite Author For Hours And Hours And Hours…

I’m pretty sure they’ll just view it as being a very appreciative fan. A fan who just so happens to own three copies of every single thing they’ve ever written, reread them all multiple times, and can’t seem to stop reading their blog for updates about new releases…

4. Judging People On Their Bookshelves

If you’ve ever walked into a date’s room and can’t seem to find a single book around, it’s definitely a red flag to leave immediately. Chances are, though, if you’ve made it to their room, that they have similar interests (like reading) and you scan their bookshelves to make up a solid opinion on them.

5. Imagining Your Life As A Novel On A Daily Basis

As a book-lover, you like to imagine how your life would look if it were documented in a book. You think that making eye contact with that cute guy on the subway or having the best night of your life at a concert would make a great first chapter. If your life were in book-form, it would probably be a lot more exciting, which is exactly why you love thinking about it.

6. Lying About Your Weekends So You Can..

Finish up those last few chapters! And then start the next novel in the series. Not every book-lover is confident in saying her weekend will consist of devouring a few books and loving every second of it. Even if you love boasting about it, there’s probably been at least a few times where you’ve told a little white lie about spending Friday night out and about rather than in your bed all curled up with a book.

7. Pretending To Have Read Every Classic And Loved It

It’s a very sad day in the life of a bookworm when we have to come to the conclusion that a book is…well painfully boring. It happens! Just put that one down (whether or not it’s a classic) and pick up one you think you’ll enjoy.

8. Books Sometimes Come Before Food

You can live off of ramen and mac and cheese. Books are more important because they feed the soul, anyway. Every reader is guilty of this. Don’t even try to lie about it.

9. Taking Forever To Finish A Book Because You Don’t Want It To End

No matter how quickly you can read, you take forever to finish this certain amazing book. Rereading chapters, pausing to think about a certain scene, wishing there were more pages as you get closer to the end… It’s not an everyday habit, but when this happens, you’re torn between wanting to finish and not wanting to move on.

10. Reading=Free (well, almost) Traveling

Each time we open up a book we know we have the possibility of being transported anywhere around the globe, into a completely unknown dimension, or maybe we’ll just be floating in time. Either way, reading is a much less expensive way to make use of those frequent flyer miles.

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