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This Is the Secret to Not Getting Nail Polish on Your Skin

Painting your nails at home is a cost-effective way to get a great manicure, but some (OK, most) people have a seriously tough time keeping the polish inside the lines rather than all over their cuticles and fingers. Luckily, there’s a foolproof way to avoid that.

1. Apply Vaseline.

“Take a baby Q-tip and rub it around your surrounding skin and cuticles before you apply polish.” If you get the polish on your skin, it won’t stick because of the Vaseline.” Note: Just make sure you don’t get any of the Vaseline on your actual nail. If you do, take another Q-tip and clean it up with rubbing alcohol.

2. Paint on your polish.

After you prep, you can now paint your nails, perhaps even do some fun, easy nail art.

3. Wipe off any excess.

After your nails are dry, you can wipe off the Vaseline or wash your hands — any polish on your skin will come right off. Perfectly painted nails every time — what more could you ask for?

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