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You Have to See These Crazy-Talented Hairstyles Just Now & I Bet You Will Love This

We’re always pushing ourselves to master new beauty skills. For the past few years, we’ve been focused on stepping up our braid game. We’ve re-created styles from Game of Thrones, tried our hand at more bohemian looks, and even learned how to fatten up a puny plait without extensions.

But Sochi, Russia-based master stylist Georgiy Kot makes our skill set look impossibly basic.

You see, Kot isn’t really your typical salon employee — he’s practically a wizard.

We can only imagine how many gallons of extreme-hold hairspray Kot goes through a week — how else could he accomplish such mind-bending mane manipulation? — but it seems worth it to us. He is a true hair artist.

This guy here has absorbed how much grooming of hair means to us as a species and has made them his craft. Georgy Kot, from Russia, is an award winning stylist and by God aren’t his elaborate designs worthy!



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Шляпка 🙈для подиума ,

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Добрый вечер. Мне редко нравятся мои работы, но когда я делаю такие прически я часто сравниваю их с тренировками балерин или фигуристов. Может быть это громко сказано, но уметь создавать формы, линии и направления это не просто, это годы тренировок. Да, до совершенства далеко, нужно всегда работать над собой. @sencenko95 ______________________________________________________________Good evening. I rare like my works but when I create such words I often compare them with the trainings and rehearsals of the ballerinas and figure skaters. Probably that’s an overstatement but it’s not easy to be able to create the forms, lines and directions, these are years of practicing. Yes, it takes long time to get the perfection but you should always work hard.

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Сегодня счастливый день в моей жизни. Прошло шоу в Кореи, в оперном театре 1500 зрителей аплодировало стоя. Я получил незабываемое впечатление, одним из важных для меня было, увидеть в дверях моей гримерки президента Корее и услышать слова приветствия и поздравления. Делюсь с Вами одной из работ, представленных на шоу ._________________________________________________________Today is a very happy day in my life. I had a show in Korea , at the opera theater, 1500 people applauded standing. I got unforgettable impressions, one of the most important things for me was to see the president of Korea and to hear his welcoming words and congratulations. I am posting one of my works presented during the show.

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