A Man Set Up a Video Camera On His Porch. What He Filmed Made His Blood Run Cold.

#1 Man Set Up A Camera In His Backyard, Didn’t Imagine He Would See This


In an attempt to catch poachers and thieves in his backyard, a man set up a motion censor camera in his backyard. He watched the footage the next day. What he saw was eerie. He saw what appears to be a person or thing that looks like a body with some kind of staff or sword.

#2 Unidentified Winged Object


This image was taken in a forest in Canada. As you see, there is a deer on the left side, but an unidentified winged object on the right. Many residents of the area claim they have seen and heard the devil in that forest and many refuse to enter at night.

#3 Ghost Getting Deer Attention


Here’s another image of a deer with some kind of ghost-like figure in the background trying to get the deer attention. This was taken in the forest of Pennsylvania in 2012.

#4 Taken Near UFO Sighting


This image was taken close to where there was a UFO sighting in Michigan. Many suspect this is an image of an alien.

#5 Ghost Of A Young Texan Girl


Here is an image of the ghost of a young Native American girl in Texas taken with a night vision camera.

#6 Unidentified Object In Louisiana


A hunter in Louisiana took this photo while he was in the forest, hunting deer. This unidentified object is still a mystery.

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