Seven things every man needs to know before marriage

pinky-love3. Make sure your wife is the only one meeting your sexual needs. I realize that most of you would never cheat on your wife with a co-worker (right?), but what you’re much more likely to do is cheat on her with your eyes. Pornography use has become the norm with men today, and recent research is showing that porn addicts rewire their brains to respond to screens, rather than an actual woman. Guys, don’t be lame. Find satisfaction in your wife through real sex that will hopefully lead to real kids. And speaking of kids…

2. Children don’t ruin marriages, they bless them (if a couple takes care of their relationship). My wife and I wanted to have children, but we didn’t want to lose our marriage in the process. So within two weeks after both of my children were born, we went on a date, and years later, we’re still dating and building our relationship. As a result, we’ve maintained our friendship and romance while the love in our family has multiplied with children.

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