9 Sexy Character Traits of Happy People That You Can Incorporate

Have you ever wondered what makes a happy person, happy?

Happiness: the term thrown around more often than any other when people are asked what they aspire to most in life. A loving partner, a fun high-paying job, and endless world travel are also among some of the most common answers, but all of these are preference-based means to the one ultimate end, which is happiness.It’s common knowledge that happiness is about more than objective wealth or what you do in life–it’s about your perspective, and about how you react to things that happen around you.

There are nine sexy traits that only genuinely happy people have, and if you want to find happiness and satisfaction in your own life, you’ll have to learn to incorporate them:

1. Beautiful Smile

There is a huge difference between smiling for the camera and smiling as a function of happiness. Anyone can show their teeth. Happy people smile with their entire bodies, and sometimes with all the energy in a one-foot radius. A real smile cannot be faked. When you run around emanating a radiant glow in response to all the joys of life, you are bound to attract some admirers.

2. Self-Confidence

Confidence goes a long way. Having faith in your own abilities makes you less stressed–you spend less time worrying about whether or not you’re good enough to accomplish something and more time actively trying to accomplish it. When you feel confident, your doubts and apprehensions don’t weigh you down, and you can focus on what’s in front of you. Confident people tend to perform better when facing obstacles and experience less stress overall, so it’s no mystery why confidence is generally associated with happiness. Building confidence can be difficult, especially in adulthood, but it is possible to train yourself to be more confident by practicing positive thinking and remembering your skills instead of your faults.

3. Passion

Happiness at its highest level includes living a life of passion and purpose. Happy lives are directed lives, pointed at something deeply meaningful. The happiest amongst us are excited about living because every day offers them another opportunity to do what they love, because truly passionate people have many interests, they are rarely bored, adrift or indolent. Passion and purpose are ‘sexiness’ personified. Sexy people love life and love people and love what they spend their time doing.

4. Honest

Liars hide from the truth. They lack the courage to stand up to the reality of their lives. They hide behind words and camouflage – their hidden agenda behind a web of stories and verbal slights of hand. Happy people don’t live that way. It is a characteristic of the dangerously sexy. There is no sexiness in a liar. They breed distrust. As a matter of fact, lying is one of the quickest ways to ruin a beautiful relationship. Indeed, trust is one of the sexiest characteristics of the singularly sexy.

5. Courage

At exactly that point where courage falters, is the point at which all other character traits fail as well. In other words, courage is needed to nail every other character trait to the wall of integrity. Loving the loveable is easy. But loving the unlovable takes courage. They have the courage, conviction and inner strength to do what’s right even while others reshape themselves into ever-shifting expressions of someone else’s standards, becoming shadows of other’s values. Chameleons are not very sexy creatures. But real men and real women who know what they believe and value, and stand up courageously for those beliefs and values are tremendously sexy!

6. Self-Responsible

Accepting responsibility is another sexy characteristic of happy people. Fear of insecurity, arrogance, and prejudice are the prominent characteristics of the people who refuse to identify, acknowledge and take responsibility of their very own actions. When you start taking responsibility of your own actions, you keep yourself from being trapped in the complicated blame games and stay focused on your objectives. The more you are willing to accept responsibility for your actions, the more credibility you will have.

7. Spontaneous

A good relationship with the value of each passing moment is an essential component of happiness. If living in the present is so easy to do, why is it so many people are preoccupied with thoughts of the elsewhere, the future, and the past? Happy people are comfortable in their skin. They are content and aware in whatever moment they inhabit. This allows them to see opportunities for fun and adventure which others might overlook. It is part of why happy people are always the life of the party.

8. Optimism

The power of positive thinking cannot be overstated. Simply believing that things will work out in the end will help you manage your stress on a regular basis and think more positively about your current situation. Optimists find the best in everything and aren’t ever consumed with the need to search for faults. Constantly viewing the world through a positive lens will make the world seem more positive, and you’ll be happier to live in it as a result. Fostering optimism can be tough, especially if you’re used to a cynical line of thinking, but with practice, it’s possible to change your outlook.

9. Gratitude

Gratitude is essential for happiness. You have to truly appreciate everything you have in life in order to be satisfied with it. If you don’t feel grateful, you’re always going to be looking for more, no matter how much you already have. You could make minimum wage or a six-figure salary and still constantly lust after more instead of being grateful you have a job. You could resent your parents and wish that they were different instead of appreciating the fact that they’re alive and well. Express your gratitude, openly and often, for all the great things in your life, and forget what you “could” have–focus on what you do have.

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