9 Sexy Moves Men Make That Women Love to Die For

And then he does that, and you…melt! There are some things men do unknowingly that we women, for some inexplicable reason, find irresistibly sexy. They aren’t grand gestures, rather silly, little things that kinda turn us on. Which one of these did you fall for? These are moves that are not only based on “in the best experience,” but also “out of the bed.” So, if any guys read this post, you will learn a thing or two.

1. When he hug from behind

I do not know about you, but I love it when my husband grabs me from behind and puts his hands on my waist. It seems to be a very romantic gesture. That feeling of utter protection & trust required to let someone close to me like that is pretty hot. Plus then you can follow up with neck kisses, ear nibbles, and back/boob massages. Not limited to guys either.

2. When he smile shyly

Don’t we all love to have a little fun with our guys sometimes? And of course that shy smile they pass us, is our absolute favourite.

3. When he hold shopping bags without asking

‘Coz it’s not so much about chivalry as about genuine care and affection – and actions do speak louder than words, don’t they? Especially when they are not deliberate like this one.

4. Letting her be the dominant one

Maybe she does not want to be the submissive one. Maybe it is time for you to let her control you and tell you what to do. This is actually a move that many women want their guy to make. Do I like it? Of course I do.

5. When he give you all the respect

I know, I am jumping out of the bed on this one, but this blog posting isn’t all about sex. It is, however, about sexy moves. In my opinion, one of the biggest sexy moves a guy could make would be to give respect. I have always loved it when guys are respectful, that is one of the reasons out of a thousand that I am attracted to my husband.

6. When he pulls you on bed

The way they instinctively pull us closer when we wake up before them, and try to get out of bed. It’s like even in that half sleepy state, they don’t wanna let go of us – and oh, how that makes us melt and readily jump back into bed.

7. When he looks at you obsessively

The look he gives you when he really wants you. You can tell a lot from his eyes, and when he genuinely shows that sort of raw passion it’s an instant turn on.

8. When he make you feel protected

The way he quietly pulls us onto the safer side of the road when we’re walking with them. He’d rather come in the way of harm himself, than let anything happen to us. It never fails to brings a smile to our faces.

9. When he tries to make you laugh

Humor and guys are a sexy mix. If the guy makes you laugh, then that makes him even more sexy, right? Humor is definitely a good move to make.

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