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Sexy Secrets to be Incredibly Good in Bed Every Time

You want to be sexy. Incredibly sexy.

Don’t lie. You know you want to be amazing in bed every time. We all do! Most people fear that they’re not going to satisfy in bed and, quite honestly, that can make them worse! We all want to be the person that leaves their significant other in awe after getting it on. Being great in bed isn’t just for the benefit of your lover either. It can make you feel ridiculously powerful to be the reason they roll over, gasping for air, and don’t want to move for hours on end. It’s a huge confidence boost!

1. Be confident

Confidence is just downright sexy. If you waltz into that room acting like you know exactly what you’re doing, it will convince your partner that you do and that they’re in for a good time. Too many people get nervous and it shows in the way they have sex. Naturally, this leads to sex that feels awkward and is not as enjoyable as it could be. Be confident and you’ll be good in bed every time.

2. Become a true lovemaking expert

True lovemaking starts with touching the heart of someone else. From out of that connection grows the magic of head to toe, skin on skin, electric contact. Sex is an art. You can drive your partner crazy by learning how the body responds. It isn’t difficult, time consuming or mysterious. Obtaining your Master’s Degree is all kinds of fun and very rewarding. Once you know the science of sex, it becomes much easier to hold conversations about it as well. It’s surprising to someone when they discover you can talk about it because it means you know about what works. Now that is incredibly sexy.

3. Don’t be shy!

Shy is never sexy when it comes to getting naked together. When you’re shy, you don’t have confidence, you don’t try new things, and you are honestly probably just boring. It might be intimidating having sex with someone for the first time, but just think about the fact that they want to be there with you. That should ease some shyness and give you a little confidence to make the event incredible.

4. Look incredible

What a lot of people don’t know is that sex is extremely visual. Sure, you might close your eyes for some of it but the rest of the time where are your eyes wandering? On your partner, of course! Looking good will give them that extra stimuli they need in order to categorize sex with you as their joy.

5. Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay

I don’t think I can stress the importance of foreplay enough. You could be a master at everything else, but if you skip foreplay it’s just cutting down on your greatness level SO much. Only a well-oiled machine works at top efficiency, right? So you need to get the juices flowing before getting to work. Foreplay sets up sex and gets your partner in the right mood for accepting one heck of a fantastic night. NEVER skip it.

6. Switch up positions

Boring sex is not good sex. And the only way sex can possibly be boring is if you never change positions. Different positions feel different for both people. Some people like certain ones more than others, too. This means you need to switch things up if you really want to be the best and please them better than anyone else.

7. Communication is key

I think everyone forgets to talk during sex. Sure, discussing the weather might not be the best idea at that time, but talking about the sex you’re having is! Ask them if they like stuff. Tell them what you want them to do to you. This opens up a door for you to not only learn what they like best, but also get some dirty talk in there to make things even sexier!

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