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Shadow- Dreams Interpretation

The dreams related to shadows symbolize your subconscious mind and your shy nature. Shadows speak a lot about your nature and mental state through dreams.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Seeing a shadow in dream mainly reflects how much you expose yourself in real. This means your own confidence in expressing your views and thoughts. The shadow may also haunt you to open up before the world calls you an introvert.
Different shadows convey different meanings. Understand the type of shadow you see in your dream. For instance;
– Shadow of an oak tree
– Shadow of a stranger
– Scary shadow
– A big shadow
– The shadow of the house, etc…
The above factors will help you with different meanings related to your life. If you are unsecured about something in life, the shadows will help you to understand the situation and find out ways to come out of this insecurity.
According to a few famous interpreters and strong believers, shadow is the reflection of the dark side of your behavior. It represents your dark thoughts that you avoid in real and do not wish to follow it.

Most Common Shadow Dreams:
• To sit under the Shade of the Tree: To dream about sitting under the shadow of the tree denotes joy and satisfaction. It gives you a sense of security and protection. This means you are either feeling safe and sound or you want to be secured. The huge shadow of the tree also includes your family.
• The Shadow of a Stranger: This dream may convey two different sides of the story. If you get scared by this stranger’s shadow, it means that you are threatened or worried about someone’s behavior towards you. On the other side, feeling happy to see this stranger’s shadow means, someone will bring luck and joy in your life.
• To see your life Partner’s Shadow: To dream about your life partner’s shadow is a good omen. It means that your partner will be by your side to protect you and guide you throughout. Feel happy about the fact that your partner is strong enough to cover your problems and challenges.

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