Shocking! Here’s how John Abraham reacted when asked about Bipasha Basu’s wedding

When John was quizzed about his feelings on ex-flame Bipasha’s wedding, he had a very curt reply…

There was a time when in Bollywood, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu were considered the most passionate couple. That was a thing of the past. The couple had a terrible break-up a few years ago and soon John tied the knot with his then girlfriend Priya Runchal within months of his split with Bips. Now, even Bipasha is waiting to embrace marital bliss with boyfriend Karan Singh Grover.

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John and Bipasha have not been on talking terms ever since their much public break-up. The two have always dodged questions on each other. We remember how Bips had reacted when she was quizzed about John’s marriage a few years back. She had simply retorted, “John who?” and then burst out laughing.

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Now, it’s John’s turn of giving answers. Bipasha is all set to get married this April 30 and at an event, when John was asked about it, his reply shocked everyone present. He simply chose to ignore the question and even pushed the audio boom away before walking out. Now that’s rude, John. A simple ‘No comments’ too would have worked.

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