SHOCKING! Poor Onion Farmer Got Cheated With Photocopy Of 2000 Rupee Note

It has been just a few days since new 2000 Notes were started. Hence, there is a lack of public knowledge about qualities of this note.

Recently, a poor farmer was duped in Andra Pradesh He went to sell Onion in the wholesale market. Instead of real 2000 Note, this poor Farmer was given a Photocopy of the 2000 Notes. Now, this farmer is facing massive difficuly. We request the government to make it more clear about how the new 2000 Note looks.

This is what K. Annamalai, Superintendent of Police, told The Hindu,

“It was a photocopy of the original note. It is poorly photocopied, anybody can notice it easily. The person was given the copy by an unknown person in APMC market.”


Details of the incident are noted down by police that reached the market. Annamalai further said,

“We are booking a case of cheating as per Sec. 420 of IPC in Chikkamagaluru Town station.”

This is indeed very shameful that some individuals are trying to cheat poor people who don’t possess enough knowledge to differentiate between the original and the photocopy.

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