What does your signature reveals about your personality?

As per handwriting experts, signatures can uncover a lot about your personality – in both life and business.Handwriting analysis is a tricky business. At the moment, it’s up in the air as to whether the testimony of a handwriting analyst can be used in court cases, mostly because it’s hard to get a straightforward result from a piece of writing.

Let’s find out

A Flick Or Line At The Endsign 1

This little flourish suggests a proactive person with a lot of drive and determination.

A Clear First Name And An Illegible Surnamesign 2

Apparently, this kind of signature suggests you think personal accomplishments are very important and you’re easily approachable.

No Dots On The Letter ‘I’sign 3

If you leave these out, it means you focus on the bigger picture and don’t like worrying about small details

Initialssign 4

If you sign with your initials, this is a sign that you’re a private person who doesn’t share that much about themselves. The fact that Mark Zuckerberg has this kind of signature is pretty ironic considering sharing is what Facebook’s all about.

An Illegible Signaturesign 5

Surprisingly, this is a sign of mental agility, sharp intelligence, and a busy lifestyle. Well, that’s good news for me because my penmanship has always been terrible.

A Heavily Stylized Signaturesign 6

This shows creative flair and that you like to make a statement. Also, if you sign with a nickname like this graffiti artist it apparently means you’re independent and confident in your abilities. 8. Large Capital Letters

Large, Swooping Letterssign 7

This kind of signature is a sign of an extroverted and confident person. I’m sure John Hancock would be happy to hear that.

Large Capital Letterssign 8

This signature indicates confidence and a strong sense of self-worth, which can turn into arrogance if the signer’s not careful. In President Obama’s case, the strong start to his signature apparently means he strives to make his presence felt.

No Surnamesign 9

This means you have a relaxed approach to business. Though in Matthew Peak’s case, that apparently had more to do with having a distinct identity from his father.

An Upward Turn Towards The Endsign 10

This is supposed to suggest you have a strong sense of optimism.

A Downward Slopesign 11

If your signature slopes downward, it apparently means that you’re cautious in meetings and you weigh the risks before you act. It also suggests pessimism. However, if it slants upwards, it suggests you’re more ambitious and look towards the future.

Underliningsign 12

Underlining a signature suggests a sense of self-importance, while leaving the underline out apparently means you let your achievements speak for themselves.

No Slantingsign 13

This is considered a balanced, fairly modest way of signing your name. If the signature is easy to read to boot, it suggests an open and straightforward disposition

Slanting Towards The Rightsign 14

If your signature slants to the right, that seems to mean you have an outgoing personality. There’s no word on what slanting to the left means, but I imagine that’s pretty hard to do

A Period At The Endsign 15

This is supposed to be the sign of a strong, shrewd business leader.

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