11 Proven Signs To Know If A Girl Is Interested In A Man

Actions Speak Louder Than Words...

Dear men, let’s make life a little easy for you.

Here are 11 gestures women use to express their interest in men. Next time you’re out with one, watch out for them. Well, you can thank us later.

1. She will suddenly become very active on social media

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All of a sudden her Facebook profile picture and her Instagram photographs look like pieces from her photo shoot. Will she make you download Snapchat, as well as send huge amounts of pictures to you keeping you overhauled of her whereabouts.

2. She touches or flicks her hair

If she is every now and again playing with her hair or is very conscious about how her hair looks, she’s certainly into you. Be that as it may, on the off chance that she does likewise before other men too then you will need to search for different signs. Since ladies love themselves and looking good is of utmost importance to most of them.

3. She points her knees

If a woman finds a man interesting, she will sit with one leg tucked up under her body. This is a relaxed position and also makes the conversation very informal. And if she does so while wearing a dress or a skirt, it can offer a momentary glimpse of an exposed thigh.

4. She puts her face on display

Women who try to attract men, often rest their elbows on a surface, with one hand placed on top of the other and chin placed on her hands, with face directly facing towards him. It is an extremely feminine and intimate gesture. It allows the woman to lean towards the man and also indicates that he has her full attention.

5. She twines her legsflirt 1

This is not only a signal but also one of the most favourite positions of women that most men love. While it is a gesture woman consciously use to draw attention towards their leg, it also means that she wants you to take the next move. As per science, it is a condition that the body takes when the person is ready for a sexual performance.

6. She unconsciously touches her body

This is the most basic body language. A woman who slowly strokes her neck, throat or thigh has something going on at the back of her mind. And then the ball is in the man’s court, if he plays his turn well, it won’t get all that difficult.

7. She makes eye contact with you frequently

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People often say that you should look into the eyes of the person you’re speaking to, here, we are talking about some other eye contact. She will give you a flirty look, and try to please you with her charm. It’s for you to take the hints she offers.

8. She smells good

While it is important for men to smell good, it is also very important for women to smell sexy because it just very attractive. A woman who smells good, looks good, and talks good, has already made an impression on her man.

9. She dresses adorably

If a woman really wants to grab your attention, she will make sure she wins your heart every time you see her, be it with her appearance or her attitude. She may get late, but when she gets ready, she will literally make heads turn.

10. She tilts her head and smiles

Another flirty gesture that’s been amply described and investigated by scientists interested in non-verbal behavior is what is referred to as head canting. Essentially, head canting is simply a fancy name for when a person tilts their head to one side. In women, when this tilt is accompanied by exposing the neck and a small smile, it sometimes means that you’ve caught her attention. Paired with eye play, this combination can be devastatingly attractive to men.

11. She shares back

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Once you’ve got the ball rolling in the conversation department, try taking things to the next level by sharing something about yourself with her. The less you know her, the more positive and less personal the information should be, or you risk scaring her off. A reciprocal response where she offers up a similar level of information about herself is a hint that she has a favorable view of you, since both women and men tend to disclose personal details to people they like.

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