10 Signs That Prove You Are The Coolest Boyfriend Ever

It’s more than saying I love you to her.

While reading this post you might feel that someone is boasting about your qualities on your behalf. But if you have one or all of these qualities, then you surely are the coolest boyfriend ever. We don’t say you are an ideal guy, no one is, but when we say ‘coolest boyfriend’, we mean that despite your own weaknesses and flaws, you appreciate your partner and genuinely work towards maintaining a healthy relationship. You never let anything affect your relationship and even when people try to dissuade your girl by saying that Mr. Right is a myth, you two share a good laugh because she knows that she has just found one for herself – You. Take a bow guys, for making your girlfriends feel so special and confident about themselves.


1. You Find Her Flaws ‘Lovable’

You appreciate her flaws and mistakes and love her for that. You understand the fact that no one is perfect, not even you, so instead of asking or expecting her to change, you rather appreciate it and like her just the way she is. You love her uniqueness and sometimes you might as well join her when she makes a mistake.

2. Your Fights Are Meaningful And Not A Competition To Prove Each Other Wrong

Even if she has any problems or issues, you make it a point that you listen to it all and try to sort it out instead of digging random things from the past and fighting over them. Sometimes, your fights maybe silly and random but you don’t allow your relationship to get toxic. The brownie point – post the fight, you might end up with her cuddled in your arms.

3. You Are Her Support System In Every Sense

It could be her biggest success till date or she just hit the rock bottom, you are always there for her. You don’t need cheering uniforms and pompoms to lift her spirits and make her feel good. Since you also have your fair share of ups and downs, you are good at empathizing and understanding her situation as well.

4. You Don’t Believe In Complaining

If she cancels the plan at the end moment, you are not someone who would constantly rant about it. Although you will feel bad but you won’t hold on to it for a long time. In fact, you are highly accommodating even when she plans something at the last minute. You don’t make a fuss about such things.

5. You Are Fine With Her Plans That Do Not Include You

Be it her girls’ night out or a date she ditched because she already promised her friends, you don’t mind if some of her plans don’t include you. You are perfectly fine with her having a gala time and even if you did feel bad for a teeny-tiny bit, you won’t crib about it in the next fight with her over new curtains.

6. You Are Not An Over-Possessive BF

Jealousy is one thing, but getting hyperactive the moment she mentions her ex or someone who shares the same name is different. You understand the fact that now your girlfriend and her ex share a different equation. While you might not be too happy, you don’t mind her talking to him either.

7. You Make Her Feel Safe…

Not just physically but in every sense – be it financial, emotional or mentally. We don’t imply that you give all your money to her and not that she is asking for it. But you make her feel safe around you, protect her and at the same time give her a sense of freedom and independence of not depending on anyone.

8. You Don’t Need Any Reason To Celebrate Love

Valentine’s Day or anniversaries are special but you don’t need just these few days to shower your love on her. It’s the emotion that you care about rather than the expensive gifts. But you leave no stone unturned to make it a point to ensure that she feels special.

9. You Don’t Need To Keep A Track Of Every Minute She Spends Without You

You understand that privacy is important for every person and you prefer not to invade hers. You are not a boyfriend who wants each and every detail of her activities. You would be concerned about her day and how she is feeling, instead of bothering her with messages like “Baby ne khana khaya?” or sh*t like that. You are beyond these useless food talks. For you, even one call or a message is fine for the day.

10. Your Actions Speak For Your Sincerity

You might not be the one who says “I Love You” 10 times a day but then it does not really matter in your relationship. She already knows how much you love her because it reflects in your actions. Be it taking care of her medicines or finding advice on internet for soothing her period pain, you are upbeat about everything that’s related to her.

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