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Smile- Dreams Interpretation

A smile in any form is a good sign. A simple smile can make someone’s day and thus, the dreams associated with smiles signify happiness, joy, good news and love.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

A smiling face in dream indicates approval and acceptance. There are millions of reasons to smile. Some of the most common reasons to smile are;
– Acceptance of a love proposal
– Acceptance of a business proposal
– A promotion at work
– Marriage Anniversary
– A surprise visit by a friend
– A tight hug by your children
– Rewards and recognition received
– A birth of a baby in the family
– To feel healthy
All the above factors are perfect reasons and excuses to bring a smile on someone. To see any of these in dream indicates good news in your life very soon.
To smile in dream is a sign that you will soon be rewarded for your efforts. To experience smile in dream is also a sign that you are missing happiness in life and you are in search of something that will bring back the smile on you.

Most Common Smile Dreams:
• To see a Baby Smiling: This dream indicates innocence. A small baby’s smile is the best smile in the world. Thus, the dream is giving you signs of utmost joy and happiness. It is the period to enjoy your moments of life and cherish these moments with friends or family.
• To see a Woman Smiling: A woman smiling in dream indicates love is in the air. It also indicates that you will manage to keep your partner happy in life. Buy her a surprise gift and enjoy the smile on her glowing face.
• To see an Evil Person Smiling: This dream indicates sarcasm. It means someone is happy to see you failing in life. Stay away from this person as she/he may try to put you down and demotivate you in life. It could be pure jealousy against you. Continue to stay happy as your smile and patience will kill this person’s jealous attitude, despite his efforts to make you sad.

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