So I Cry :'( ….

broken life and lessonI’ve got a picture of you tucked away
And whenever I miss you
When I need to see your face
I pull out your photograph
And I take a trip down memory lane

It doesn’t take long
For my heart to reminisce
And I cry, but I try to smile
But it’s you that I miss
And nothing or no one else is worth my while
So, I cry

I crawl into bed where you used to sleep
And I rest my head on the pillow
Where yours used to be
I close my eyes and imagine you there
Lying next to me
Gazing into my loving stare

It doesn’t take long
For the memories to come back to me
And I cry, though I try not to
But it’s you that I need
No space or time will change this simple truth
So, I cry

I tell myself to be strong
To finally let go
It’s time for me to move on
To say one last goodbye
And I Cry

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