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Soup- Dreams Interpretation

Soup is a symbol of health, fitness and nourishment. The dreams related to soup indicate sickness and recovery. You may need to find out which direction is your dream pointing you at.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Drinking and eating in life represent good health; however dreaming about foods that are nourishing indicates an illness. Soup is one of the examples of nourished food. Drinking soup in dream may be a sign that you are likely to fall sick.
Check the location of your dream in which you saw yourself drinking soup. If the location was a hospital or a plain bed, it clearly states illness and a bed ridden state. On the other end, if you found yourself drinking soup in a lavish place like a five star hotel, it is a sign of a physically fit state. Dreaming about drinking soup in a five star hotel is also a sign of your well-being.
Here are a few common conditions under which people dream about soup:
– Soup served by a waiter/waitress
– Served a bowl full of soup
– A tasteless and awful soup
– A delicious soup enjoyed with family
– Soup served with amazing variety of starters on the dining table
– Enjoying the soup alone

Most Common Soup Dreams:
• A Dream of a Huge Feast: If you dreamt of a huge feast, where you were enjoying the soup is a sign of get together with friends. You will soon plan a get-together treat with your friends or family. The large feast in the dream represents celebration time of a special event in your life and the soup is a sign of your well-being.
• To have Soup Alone: To dream about sipping soup alone is a sign of loneliness. Perhaps, you are feeling sick of this boredom and loneliness. This sickness is making you do things that you do not enjoy the most. For instance, very less people enjoy sipping soup.
• Soup Served by a Waiter: To dream about a waiter serving you soup indicates emotional and spiritual healing. Soup has a few herbs that rejuvenate your mind and body. Thus, soup served by someone means that the universe will support you in the healing process.

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