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Space- Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming about the space indicates a feeling of running away from this world. It is a symbol of curiosity, restrictions and adventure.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

The barriers and restrictions make people so frustrated that they wish to get out of this world and explore the outer space. This level of frustration takes place in dream and makes you see things in the space.
Space symbolizes curiosity. Perhaps, this means that you are curious to know something that is not reachable to you at the moment. This could be a matter about someone whom you are only familiar with. Dreams related to outer space also relate your interest for knowledge beyond the depth. In simple terms, it means that you wish to perceive knowledge beyond your capacity and there is nothing wrong in it. Knowledge has no end and gets better with experience.
Note down a few things you dream about such as; whether you saw an open space, a dark space, aliens in the space and a congested space with debris. These factors convey different messages as per your life’s situations.

Most Common Space Dreams:
• Congested Space: To dream about a congested space, indicates that you need some space for yourself. Perhaps, too much of interference is killing you from within. This is not a good feeling as it makes you feel suffocated despite living in a space.
• Aliens in Space: To dream about aliens in space indicates that you are looking for friends in an unknown location. If you have recently shifted to a new house or relocated to a different city, then you must try to improve your social circle, so that you do not feel alienated. Perhaps, public places such as gardens, parks, night clubs and theatres may help you to find new friends.
• A huge Dark Empty Space: To dream about a huge dark empty space is a sign of a dark future. It means there is no hope of recovery or return. Do not get disappointed by these dreams, as darkness always has a room for brightness hidden somewhere.

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