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Spider- Dreams Interpretation

Spider is the symbol of trap, enmity, poison, pain and torture. The insect has both – positive and negative feelings. These may vary as per the situations around you.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

The spider dreams are mainly related with your job and relationship. To dream about being trapped in a spider web is a sign that you feel trapped in specific situations. Find out the possible ways to cut the trap and you will be able to come out successfully.
Relate the below situations of dream with your life and find a clearer meaning to what they have to tell you:
– To see a spider crawling
– To see huge spider coming towards you
– To feel trapped in a spider web
– Taming a spider
– Chased by a spider
– To get scared by a spider
– To see a spider staring at you
– To see a spider in your house
The spiders may make you feel stronger like Spiderman, they may make you fearful or traumatized. There is a mixture of feelings that may look positive as well as negative. Check the color of the spider that you saw in your dream. Jet black spiders in dream are signs of enmity and dishonesty, whereas a red spider in dream indicates passion in relationship.

Most Common Spider Dreams:
• To be chased by a Spider: To dream about a spider chasing you indicates that you need to act matured and stop behaving innocent. Unless you do this, the losses will continue to roll in your life.
• To keep a Spider as pet: Taming a spider in dream is a sign that your hurdles and fears will finally close the door for you. This means, a new beginning is waiting for you ahead, which will present you as a confident and fearless personality.
• To be scared of a Spider: A dream in which you are scared of a spider indicates that you will get hurt by a situation in life. This may worry you and make you feel insecure all the time. It is only your belief and smile that will help you to prevent this situation.

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