SRK Pays A Heartfelt Tribute To Our Jawans, Recites A Self-Written Poem For Them On Diwali

While we celebrated the festival of lights with great vigour and zeal yesterday, there were some who were far-far away from celebrations and their homes. Yes, we are talking about our jawans manning the borders. The soldiers, who sacrifice all the festivals every year so that their countrymen can celebrate in peace.

We owe a lot to these bravehearts, don’t we?

In a bid to pay respects and express gratitude to our soldiers, Shah Rukh Khan shared a heartfelt poem for them on the occasion of Diwali.

He took to Twitter to share this poem:


“Our feet on carpet, their boots on ground.
Our days are steady, theirs, new challenges unravel.
Our nights blissful, theirs, stressful.
It’s our life to live because it’s theirs to give.
The heroes should not remain unsung because we can’t imagine their plight.
We grow stronger and bolder because theirs is the fight.
The fight of a soldier.”

Like a thorough gentleman that he is, he even shared a video message for his fans. He said, “Happy Diwali to all around the world and specially to our soldiers who are serving at the border and elsewhere in the country. A very happy Diwali to their families, to their wives, mothers, fathers and specially their children. May they have the healthiest and happiest day today and the rest of their loves.”

And right after this message, the charming actor recited his heart-warming poem. It’s his personal touch than can melt even the coldest of hearts, don’t you think?

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