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11 Steamy Foreplay Moves That REALLY Set the Right Mood

You’d better find out the right moves that float her boat!

Foreplay not only plays an essential role in sexual arousal prior to the act of sexual intercourse, but it also has a number of health benefits for both men and women, which are both physical and emotional in nature. It also works towards increasing intimacy between couples and often leads to a higher level of sexual satisfaction, again for both sexes. A little bit experimentation during foreplay will never hurt your partner, right? Rather than going for the same foreplay moves, like always—try experimenting with something that will take your partner aback, and actually make them look forward to the sack sessions ahead!

Foreplay begins well before you have reached the bedroom. In fact,  it is the million little gestures that you have made to your partner all day long. These subtle gestures let your partner know that they are on your mind and that you are thinking about them, even while you are working and going about your daily routines.

A woman needs foreplay. Her sexual responses are far more sense based than men’s – touch, smell, sound, etc. – and it’s these that you need to take advantage of, especially touch, to get her to the same level of arousal as yourself. If you go in hard or fast without getting her warmed up first, then she’ll just say no. Just remember that not all women like all forms of foreplay, and it’s an idea to have some reserve moves in place, just in case she doesn’t respond well to those you have chosen, enabling you to move onto something she does like.

1. Always start with a kiss

It should pretty much always be first thing on the list. Kissing sets everything else in motion and women love it. Just make sure you start light and work up to heavy, don’t use too much tongue to begin with. Starting foreplay off with kissing and caressing is extremely sensual. Start off slowly, building up the makeout session kiss by kiss. Don’t be shy to kiss their neck and breasts either.

2. Take it slow

Taking your time during foreplay, with prolonged periods of kissing and sexual stimulation, can exponentially increase levels of arousal for both sexes, and thus add to the chances of reaching orgasm in the ensuing act of intercourse. Many women have also reported that climaxing during foreplay itself increases the probability of achieving multiple orgasms, due to release of a high number of endorphins, thus inducing feelings of euphoria.

3. Massage will work great

Throw in some aromatic oils, dim the lights, put on soothing music and give your partner a back massage with your bare hands. It’s romantic, relaxing and a way to show you care. Just make sure you don’t scrape his/her skin with your nails, or put too much pressure on the wrong areas.

4. Undress your partner

You usually take off your own clothes, right? Wouldn’t it be hot if someone else took them off for you? See where I’m going with this? Undressing your partner is one of the first steps in different types of foreplay, aside from kissing. You don’t even have to kiss your partner while undressing them.

5. Explore her body

Don’t be in a hurry. As you kiss your lover, run your hands along their back or over their arms or shoulders. Penetration doesn’t have to be the only sexy thing you do in bed. Gently kiss your partner’s neck, their arms and the rest of their body. If your partner moans or relaxes their body, they probably like what you’re doing.

6. Don’t rush the clock

When it comes to understanding what is foreplay, you need to remember that it isn’t a race. You’re going to have sex, don’t worry. But there’s no point rushing foreplay. Take your time and enjoy the moment.

7. What about sensual truth or dare game?

Switch to your kinky mode and play truth or dare. But this time, try all the raunchy moves and set the mood for the night. For starters, ask erotic questions for truth, and maybe a striptease for a dare!

8. Warm her up for later

If you are planning to have sex after a dinner date or an outing with friends, start warming her up at places where you can’t have sex spontaneously. Touch her erogenous zones when both of you are watching a movie or just slip your hands around her waist slyly while you are having dinner at a restaurant. This will make her go wild once you are home or find an appropriate place to have sex.

9. Dirty talk

This is one of the sexiest things in you do in bed. And the best part about dirty talking in bed is that it can help you talk about your darkest sexual fantasies without the fear of being judged by your lover. It’ll bring both of you closer, make both of you feel more intimate, and it’ll open a new door of sexual bliss that’ll make sex feel as exciting as the first time, all the time.

10. Use a mirror

It’s surprising just how many people find mirrors exciting and fun. Prop a long mirror horizontally on the bed, right next to the both of you. Get naked and play with each other’s bodies while watching each other in the mirror. Just watching your partner getting stroked and teased in the mirror is a huge turn on that’s definitely worth experiencing. And having sex while watching yourselves in the mirror? Well, that just gets even better!

11. Enact your fantasies

Foreplay is fun for both lovers only when both of you enjoy it. And if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, you may end up hating foreplay and start avoiding sex just to skip the foreplay. So try something that you know will excite you *and your lover at the same time*. Do you have a sexual fantasy that makes you feel horny each time you’re alone? Talk about it with your partner, or enact it with them. It could be something sexually taboo, or a role playing idea or something that you’ve always wanted to do in bed.

A little more foreplay never hurt you bae. So give these moves a go, and see how well she responds!

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