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Stone- Dreams Interpretation

A stone is not just another object that you see lying on the road or on the shore; a stone is an extra-ordinary object that can be turned or transformed into something far more beautiful than its original existence. From the idols of your favorite Gods and Goddesses to the cute dolls that you gift to your loved ones – everything can be made out of stones.
Dreaming of stone means that you are going through a petrifying situation in your life. All the problems seem to have come at once and hence, you are not able to manage them. You are completely stoned. Try finding out about your mood in the dream. If you are upset or sad, looking at the plain stone in your dream, it depicts your confusion in solving the problems. On the other hand, if you are happy seeing a plain stone in your dream, it means that your problems are going to be solved all on their own.
Dreaming of throwing stones indicates your mental stability in the waking life. If you throw stones in aggression or anger, it depicts your frustration; on the other hand, if you joyfully throw stones in water, it indicates happiness and relief from some of your problems.

A stone represents problems, relief, stress, depression, plainness in life, anger, aggression and even peace.
If you dream of carving stones, you have the potential skills to start up something on your own. Carving a stone in your dream is a very positive side and it motivates you to do something really remarkable in your waking life.
Dreaming of collecting plain stones indicates the burden of your unnecessary problems. Sometimes, there is absolutely no problem in life; yet, we take little things seriously. Try getting rid of your stress, if you see such a dream because there is no major problem in your life.

Most Common Stone Dreams:
• Writing something on stone – You have a tendency to pressurize others to do things your way, if you get such a dream.
• Throwing stones at someone – If you throw stones at someone in your dream, it means that you are giving unnecessary stress to someone in your waking life.
• Getting beaten by stones – If people throw stones at you in your dream, it indicates loss of self-respect or embarrassment in your waking life.

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