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Sugar- Dreams Interpretation

Salt and sugar are two important things in our lives; we can live without spices, but we can’t live without salt and sugar because we need them to add taste to the food that we eat. Sugar brings sweetness in your life, but that doesn’t mean that you can eat it as much as you wish to.
Sugar dreams are generally good, unless you stuff your mouth with it in them. If you see a bowl of sugar in your dream, it means that you are a very sweet person. People really like you and hence they always surround you. They like being with you; you are an optimistic and sweet person.
A sugar dream may indicate happiness in your life. If you have been working hard for something, it may be successful because sweet things are given to you as rewards. If you see yourself eating sugar in a limited amount, it means that some good news is going to hit your ears soon and you are going to be really happy about it.
Sugar dreams also tell you about what your conscience thinks about you and others around you; always try remembering the things that you see in such dreams.

Sugar represents sweetness, happiness, sweet memories, good times, happy news, success, victory and tooth decays.
If you dream of eating too much of sugar and you feel bad about it, it means that you are tired of being overly good to people. You have done all that you can for others, but the others are least bothered about you and your sufferings. Even when you need them, they are not around.
If someone else puts sugar in your mouth, it means that the person is extremely sweet towards you. Don’t be happy – it is a warning sent by your conscience!

Most Common Sugar Dreams:
• Filling your mouth with sugar – Such a dream means that you are being greedy in your waking life.
• Buying sugar – It’s a good sign to buy sugar since you buy sweets only when there’s a time to celebrate or you want to welcome happiness in your life.
• Bitter sugar – Such a dream means that your past memories are haunting you terribly.

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