Sunny Leone Speaks About Something Very Interesting

It is not often that people associate Sunny Leone with an interesting piece of conversation or advice. Most people think of her as someone who would deliver pick  up lines and seduction punch lines and sweet and cute conversation and interaction.

This is for the first time she reveals why exactly she wanted to associate with condom brands and promote them in India and around the world.She said that she believes in safe $ex and it has always been a part of her belief system


She also revealed that instead of condom brand making an association with her, she was always open to such associate in the first place and she wants everyone to have safe $ex without future complications and stress.



She urged her fans to have condoms at disposal all the time and use it to have all the physical pleasure without unwanted pregnancy and life-threatening STDs.


When asked about the fact that top level Bollywood actresses never endorse sexual related products and whether she feels isolated, she came up with an interesting answer that makes a lot of sense.


She said that it depends firstly on the comfort level of the actresses and also on a person’s life goals whether she wants to make money only or do some social works by influencing fans and followers.


The interaction took place when Sunny launched her bikini calendar featuring some of her hottest shots taken by celebrity photographer Dabboo Ratnani.


Watch her candid interaction and revelations during the launch!

Watch the hottest video shoot during the making of the calendar!

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